I found this adorable

This is a giant sandwich board I stumbled across on today’s walk to Great World City.  It alerts those nearby that a BIKE WAS STOLEN IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!!

For comparison, if my bike were stolen in Boston (or even in the super rural town my mom lives in) the policeman taking your report in person wouldn’t bother to make eye contact, it’s such a minor deal.  There would be no public notice, no warnings, and certainly no giant sandwich boards.  The last time I was alerted about something in my neighborhood that I can recall was when a few girls were harassed late at night (or maybe someone was raped?) near my college campus over 10 years ago.  A stolen bike is practically a rite of passage…mine was stolen when I was in Kindergarten.  I don’t recall us even reporting it.

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11 Responses to I found this adorable

  1. kirsten says:

    Wow. Actually, that’s really unusual, even to me. A stolen bike? Honestly?

    Usually when I see it it’s about car accidents…

    • Crystal says:

      I’ve seen the car accident ones, too. But yeah…a stolen bike? Really? That’s newsworthy? This is very much a different country!

  2. Kate says:

    Love this! It’s the best part of living in Singapore in a nutshell (er, sandwich board)

    • Crystal says:

      I have noticed that I’ve gotten really comfortable with the low crime rate. In the US I kept doing things I’d never have considered doing there before (wandering a bit from my purse in a store, etc) because here it is totally safe!

  3. nad says:

    perhaps it’s one of those reallllllllly pricey bikes! i was browsing for 2nd hand ones with my brother and was extremely surprised that used ones can fetch $2000+!!!

    • Crystal says:

      Even after a year in Singers, I’m still floored at how much some things can cost.

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  5. Actually, most of the time it is a ‘token’ sign to tell would-be criminals that the cops do try to catch bicycle thieves once in awhile. There was one placed in my area for a month, but the date of the incident was more than half a year ago. Even if someone did see the thief 6 months ago, who could remember him/her? Lol!

  6. JO says:

    I think this is cool. It is meant to deters thieves more than anythng else.

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