Wordless Wednesday–Chuck E Cheese (US restaurant chain)

Chuck E Cheese is a chain in the US.  They appeal to families with young(ish) kids because they serve pizza, and the eating area is surrounded by rides (the younger kids) and video games (older kids).  Kids get reward tickets for various scores on the games, which they can trade in for what I like to call “useless plastic crap.”  They’re a popular spot for birthday parties, which is why we were there with Elanor.

It’s hard to describe what being in one is like.  There’s lots of flashing neon lights, delighted screams and shrieks of children, video game noises, and the occasional appearance by the mouse himself–Chuck E Cheese swirling together, assaulting your eyes and ears.  The lingering scent of pizza mixes with beer.

As a kid, I loved going to Chuck E Cheese.  As an adult, I now understand why mom limited it to a once a month treat.  Not because we were on the poor side (although we were), but because that was probably all she could stand (I know I couldn’t handle doing it more often!).

Pizza, coins, and Elanor’s cup from the party

Chuck E Cheese

Elanor is unsure about this whole “cake” thing

Ellie on the small merry go round

There are other pictures, but I don’t have the other children’s parents permission to post them.  Sorry.

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