Ultrasound take two

On Wednesday I had my second attempt at the level 2 ultrasound, this time with a different doctor.

My new ultrasound doc was affiliated with National University Hospital.  I was supposed to head to the fetal something or other clinic, but ended up at the fetal something or other annex…wrong building, wrong floor.  So I was about 5 minutes late for my appointment and bit turned around by the time I got there.  Which is totally not the hospital’s fault; rather my poor sense of direction coupled with nerves were to blame.

So it was a definitely relief to arrive in a quiet office and to be greeted by a trio of smiling women.  My information had already been entered into the computer (I think my OB’s office must have called as I’ve never been at that hospital before, and it’s not affiliated with my usual hospital).  I sat down and was able to compose myself, text Ravi nervously, and hope for a better experience.

The last time I’d seen my OB, baby had been a little uncooperative about moving.  So I had a secret weapon in my purse in the form of a brownie.  I slowly nibbled on it, trying to ensure that she’d be active when I was called.

I was called by an older woman.  She led me into a room and gave me a warmed blanket for my legs.  Once she was sure I was comfortable, she pointed out the screen I could watch the ultrasound performed on, and asked me to expose my belly for the ultrasound.  She was both friendly and professional, taking the time to point out things like the baby’s two eyes, the nose, the lips, the hands and feet.  When I told her that my doc hadn’t really been able to get a look at the sex, but had thought it was a girl, she efficiently swooped down the pertinent area, and luckily baby was in a cooperative mood, giving her an unobstructed view.

We were able to confirm without a doubt that we have a second daughter on the way.

I had to move a few times to try to assist her in getting a better look at certain organs, especially the heart.  However, she didn’t get a great look, and called for the doctor to come in and take a closer look himself.  (This was the standard procedure in the US, too…first a sonographer and then a quick consult with the doc at the end).

Baby girl was not feeling terribly cooperative, so we elected to wait a few weeks and take another look at her heart.  There’s no real reason to be worried…as a diabetic I’m at a slight increased risk for certain heart defects, but as I was tightly controlled, those risks are minimal.  It’s more of a standard procedure, given my diabetes thing.  I liked that he asked questions, wanted to hear the full story of both prior pregnancies and his questions showed that he was genuinely listening and paying attention to me.

I got a photo (which I adore, of course, but will not burden the public with as I know full well that ultrasound photos look like blobs) and given a copy of the reports.  Everything looked good, and Ravi and I are thrilled to be fighting over girl names 🙂

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7 Responses to Ultrasound take two

  1. Kate says:

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful news, and I’m so glad to hear this experience was so much better than the first ultrasound go-round. Is E excited to know she’ll have a little sister?

    • Crystal says:

      She’s currently very excited. I have reason to believe she will be less thrilled with the reality of a little sister than she is with the “idea” of one.

      Her current preferred name for the baby? “Puff” as in “Puff the Magic Dragon” (her favorite song). I hope she can deal when we don’t name the baby that. We also won’t go with any of her secondary names, which are all Disney Princesses or Pre-K tv show characters.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I am so happy that your second appointment went so much better 🙂

  3. Dawn says:

    Maybe she really means you should name the baby Lucy [in the sky with diamonds, given the rumors of what PTMD is really about].

    • Crystal says:


      I actually like the name Lucy, and have since I read “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” when I was little. But there is a growing list of names to be debated…however “puff” isn’t on it 🙂

      • Dawn says:

        Non sequitur: Something random and pregnancy-related I just have to share with you: I was reading about urinary incontinence during pregnancy. It’s common and the treatment is to “wear a pad,” with the explicit warning…get this…not to use a tampon instead!

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