Our 2nd American 4th of July in Singapore

It seems impossible, but Elanor has spent more 4th of July’s in Singapore now than she has in the USA.  A normality, I suppose, for a family that has chosen to go the expat route with young children, but strange to me all the same.

With my pregnancy making me extremely sensitive to heat (and the unpredictable nausea coupled with my hatred of vomiting in public), we elected to come “a little” later than we otherwise would to the 4th’s festivities. However, those readers who have known us for a while know that when we try to be a little late…we end up a LOT late.  The 4th’s festivities were no different–we got there at 7pm.

Among the things that caused us to be late?

Ellie’s toes

Elie’s first “manicure”

All for good reason…

The cute, it burns.

Somehow Ellie manicure/pedicure led to B and I doing the same with our nails.  Why the hell not–the 4th only comes once a year.  While I’d rather be caught dead that do it back home, seeing it as a bit tacky (and sure, it is), it’s kind of just fun here.

So yes…later, far later, than planned.  Which mean that unlike last year (read the entry here) we didn’t wander around and see the booths.  We looked at one of the kid’s games and decided that E was still a bit too young for it.

Fireworks begin around 8, so with our 7pm arrival that left very little time to stake our claim and grab some food.  We were quite lucky, though, that our friends Emily and Nora (although with their families) had gotten there earlier, and that there was space between them for us to put down our blanket.

Emily and Family

Nora and Family (read her blog!)

The Expat Bostonians-Ravi, Crystal and Ellie (and Wheelie)

Emily and I wasted a good 15 minutes waiting in the wrong line for food (we were in the ice cream line…that wasn’t moving) before going the most expedient route–we went with the shortest line (The American Club as opposed to the new BBQ place that had about 10 times as many people in their line, and which I’m told was really good).  This at least allowed us to get back to our blanket and actually catch the fireworks–as it was, we got back about halfway through Majulah Singapura (the Singapore National Anthem), and just in time for the American National Anthem and the fireworks.

The fireworks show was lovely.  I wish I had spent less time trying to take unsuccessful photos with my new DSLR (that I’m still way too inexperienced with as of yet) and more time just enjoying them.  As it is, none of my photos came out, and the photos you see were taken by Ravi.  On his camera phone.  Yes, that makes me a teeny bit bitter considering I have the fancy-shmancy camera.

When they ended, E turned to me and demanded “MORE FIREWORKS.”  Sorry kiddo, it’s not Boston where there’s an encore or three.  We have a much more limited budget here in SG.

Emily’s little boy was getting tired (he’d been playing hard for hours), so they headed out.  Ellie and Nora’s two girls spent some time playing together, the older two girls trying to teach Ellie how to throw a frisbee (with no success).  Both girls did some handstands and cartwheels, which Ellie did her best to emulate.

Nora had an extra special treat and was kind to include Elanor–sparklers!

Nora’s two girls

Elanor Athena and her sparkler

This brings back so many memories for me.  I was a HUGE sparkler fan when I was a little girl.  I remember drawing in the dark with them (if you wave them fast enough you can see the light trail, or I remember that being true), the smell as they first lit, and the awe of holding a real live firework.  I’m so glad that N had them and is helping pass that onto the next generation.

We all wandered our separate ways for a while.  Ellie had the chance to play doctor to a bear, using ribbons for bandages (it had a broken foot just like Mommy did…sigh…she’s never going to let me forget that) and she found the idea that she could color on the bear’s shirt deeply satisfying.

Then she saw the single remaining bouncy house, and insisted on trying it.  I was a bit nervous with bigger kids (and occasional adult) who also jumped on, but she did really well for about five to ten minutes.

Most of the booths were shut down, but we had one last fun moment…Ellie got to “ride” her first motorcycle.

Don’t worry grandparents–it’s bolted down

Below is a video of our July 4th celebration at the Terror Club (want to know why it’s named that?  go here–thanks to Nora for the link) in Singapore, 2011.  There are a few repeats of the above photos, but lots of cute video of the girls!

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  1. bookjunkie says:

    loving the red white and blue toes and fingers 🙂 cute!

    • Crystal says:

      Ellie’s been fascinated by my pedicures for the year we’ve lived here (I got them occasionally in the US, but there were few months of the year where you saw them, so I often didn’t bother). Once we saw child safe nail polish, I knew it would be a short time before I caved and bought it. She LOVES having her toes painted (but since her hands are in her mouth a lot, we probably won’t do many “manicures” for her).

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