CBS Boston ALTERED the 4th of July fireworks???

My blog is primarily about life here in Singapore.  But I can’t not address this…CBS Boston apparently altered the picture when showing the fireworks.  Using whatever the video equivalent of photoshop is, they made it appear as if the fireworks were happening behind such Boston landmarks as Quincy Market, Fenway Park and the State House.

Look, I realize that CBS might want to “highlight Boston,” but the Boston fireworks are spectacular as they are…over the Charles River. They’re choreographed to the music, for starters!  They’re some of the most elaborate fireworks displays in the country!  They don’t actually NEED further embellishment!

I mean, we start off with the 1812 overture, with the last 45 seconds accompanies by cannons and choreographed fireworks…firework accompaniment starts at 2:17.  This is the START of the fireworks show, not the finale.

Seriously…no help needed to make them cooler.

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7 Responses to CBS Boston ALTERED the 4th of July fireworks???

  1. Zach Woods says:

    Never accept reality when you can be wowed by augmented falsity!

  2. kirsten says:

    I can’t remember when this was but I half-recall that there was this one time I found out that some of the fireworks I was watching on TV was CGI and not actually happening at the scene. *supreme disappointment*

  3. Dawn says:

    Wow, really? I’m surprised! I didn’t watch (or go to fireworks) this year due to being horribly ill (with pneumonia!) but I have watched in the past and I don’t remember it ever being altered before. I’m sure lots of people complained and they probably won’t do it again.

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