Broken laptop

I was sitting in McDonald’s feeling fairly righteous about my decision to eat some of the new experimental  “twisty fries,” given that I could actually keep food down for a change.  I was watching some video on my fully charged laptop when….


The video died, the sound died…it just died.

I dashed home (E was in school) and plugged it in.  The cord indicated a full charge.  It wouldn’t turn on.  I’ve spent some chunk of the last 10-12 hours forlornly staring at my computer and praying as I pushed the power button.  I considered ritual sacrifice of my husband’s Google Tablet, wondering if Steve Jobs KNEW we’d bought competitor technology, or that he’d learned I was considering a switch back to an Android phone and was punishing me.

The laptop is dead.

Luckily it’s under warranty, and I do have this back up laptop, so I’ll be around, but if I’m not commenting on your blog or am around less, please don’t think I don’t love you.  I’m missing my feed reader. and have learned that my old PC skills have atrophied as I curse the layout and setup of this laptop.  Let’s just hope that my computer repair goes more smoothly than Ravi’s, which involved a 2 week long argument between Lenovo (US) and Lenovo (SG) about whether Lenovo had sold him the computer (they had) and if it was under warranty (it was) before it was fixed.

Wish me luck as I wade into this.  We have certified Applecare repair places in SG, but there is no traditional apple store with a genius bar.  Apple (US) assures me that they are “certified repair centers” but is unsure if they have access to Apple’s database/etc, and told me to call them back if there are issues.

Will keep you updated

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2 Responses to Broken laptop

  1. kirsten says:

    Good luck! I have had trouble with other brands bickering over who has the warranty/care of the product in Singapore or overseas, but never had that issue with Apple, and I’ve got Apple products that I’ve bought in Singapore or in New Zealand (both places using certified repair centers instead of the actual Apple store) and never had any trouble, even when I somehow ended up speaking to the Apple Care technician in Los Angeles because of a mistakenly rerouted call! When Apple means international warranty, apparently they really DO mean INTERNATIONAL.

    • Crystal says:

      It may mean international, but it’s a far stricter interpretation of the warranty. They claim it’s not covered when I know in the US it wouldn’t be an issue. Will take it to the US and get it fixed whilst home or at the minimum, they’ll offer me a good deal on a refurbed laptop with a discount, which I epicentre wouldn’t.

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