CUT–restaurant review

Ravi and I decided to celebrate our anniversary with a nice dinner, and while debating restaurants, Cut came up.  When my in-laws had last visited, Cut had just opened and we couldn’t get a reservation.

I dropped by the restaurant on my way to see an Andrew Lloyd Webber highlights show (I’m a huge Broadway/Musicals geek) at the smaller of the two theaters at Marina Bay Sands and was able to secure a reservation for Saturday on a Tuesday.  I would imagine reservations are still recommended for weekends, but it seems that they’re easier to procure these days.

I don’t usually do restaurant reviews as I’m not a foodie, but the food was so spectacular (as was the service) that I can’t NOT review them.

I must first commend them on their graciousness.  We were almost a half hour late, thanks to nearby road closures for the National Day Parade practice (I got to see some of the fireworks out of the cab window).  We did call, but at no point did we feel rushed or as though we might be inconviencing them.

We were shown to a back corner table.  I had mentioned that it was our anniversary and requested something more quiet, so it was appreciated.  Ravi and I were somewhat dressed up, and the dress ranged from fairly casual to fairly dressy.  The vast majority of people opted for a business/dressy business look.  Ravi wore a button down collared shirt and dress slacks and was not out of place without tie or jacket (but very few, if any places, in Singapore are coat/tie required).  I wore a silk dress I picked up in New Orleans a few years ago that is forgiving of the pregnant belly along with some of my nicer jewelry.

There were about 4-6 waiters in the room, all keeping an eye out for a wine/water glass that needed refilling, a plate to be cleared or to fulfill any request.  They’re very good at reading body language…we weren’t bothered while we were deciding, but once it seemed that we were ready, they were right there.

Given the pregnancy, we opted to skip the wine (yes, the research and even both of my OB’s think a rare glass of wine is okay, but I’m not a big enough fan of wine that I feel comfortable doing so) in favor of still water and soda.  I was impressed that the water bottle was kept stored in a wine bucket of ice to keep it chilled…one of the many small touches that set Cut apart as a high end experience.

We were given the first of three bread treats…somewhat cheesy long thin crunchy bread sticks.  Ravi liked them, but wasn’t crazy about them.

A waiter came by with a plate of cuts to discuss some of the choicer cuts of meat.  Cut specializes in (among other things) a cross breed between the American Angus and and the Japanese Wagyu.  Ravi and I pondered it, but we both decided upon the Australian bone-in steaks.  My preferred cut of meat is the filet mignon, and it’s almost never served on the bone, so I thought it would add an interesting element to the meat.  There’s also regular American beef, and some non-beef options like roast chicken and lamb.

We were then given the second bread treat. They were bite-sized, hot biscuits…that tasted almost like a cheez-it.  Delicious, and there were just enough of them that you felt comfortable but not so many that you could fill up on them or get tired of them.

Our starter was served and while we talked, the final bread options came around.  Served with a pat of herbed butter, we were given the choice of four types of bread.  Ravi was a fan of the sourdough, but I would’ve liked the bread more had it been hot.  Still, the foccacia was flavorful and tasty.  Our starter was caramelized sweet corn with feta, tzatziki and a few other things.  I think I would like it better as the side of just the corn…something about the tzatziki was a little overpowering.  Ravi liked it better than I did, but also wasn’t giving a rave review.

Finally the steaks arrived.  This is where Cut shines.  Perfectly cooked, flavorful, melt in your mouth delicious steak.  I could happily live on this steak for the rest of my life.  In a moment of the pregnancy gods taking pity on me…I also managed to keep my appetite and finish my entire steak (something that hasn’t happened in almost 6 months).  I ordered a peppercorn sauce on the side, but never touched it.  The steak was so good, it needed no further embellishment.  Ravi was equally in love with his ribeye.

The sides were good–The fries were crispy and yummy, the mashed potatoes good and Ravi enjoyed the baby carrots.  But while they were high quality, they were merely what I’d expect at this caliber of restaurant.

When we finished we were given some time to relax and talk before we were given the dessert menus.  Unable to decide between Baked Alaska (which we both wanted) and each of our having another weakness, we ended up ordering the Baked Alaska, Banana Cream Pie (for Ravi) and the Valhrona Chocolate Souffle (me).

When the dessert came out, the Baked Alaska had a long candle in it, and the words “Happy Anniversary” written in chocolate on the plate.  Such a lovely touch, and along with the unobtrusive top-notch service (and I say top notch with no qualifications…it would be top-notch anywhere in the world), and the delicious meal, I was feeling very happy and at peace with the universe.

The desserts all were spectacular.  It’s rare to find a good Baked Alaska, prepared properly (warm meringue, cold ice cream) and this was perfect.  It’s served on a chocolate cake, and given that it’s served with strawberry ice cream and cooked strawberries, I might go with a butter poundcake base instead, but it was delicious.  The chocolate souffle was practically a religious experience.  Ravi was also enthusiastic about the banana cream pie (I didn’t try it).  Nothing was finished, but we were quite happy with the decision to try all three.

The bill was frighteningly large, as we’d anticipated at over $500.  But I’d enjoyed it so much, I felt that every penny was earned (and added an additional 10% tip to the pre-added 10%).

If you ever have the opportunity and the occasion to eat at Cut, I can’t recommend it enough.  The service is the best I’ve ever received in Singapore (and we all know that service is a pet peeve of mine), the steak is transcending and the chocolate souffle is heaven incarnate.  You won’t regret it, even as your credit card cries out in pain at the bill.


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