Random cultural difference…receipts

In the US, the standard question after paying for something is “Do you want the receipt in the bag?” with the assumption being yes, you don’t want a receipt cluttering up your hand/wallet/purse.

In Singapore, they ALWAYS give you the bags, wait for your signature and then hand you the receipt WITH your credit card, which for me at least always leads to some fumbling as I try to put the card back in my wallet/stuff the receipt in a bag/my purse.

The other big difference is that in Singapore, when you pay with credit card (and debit, I believe; I rarely do) you get TWO receipts back…the store receipt and the credit card machine receipt.   The one time I had to return something to Toys R Us (one of the few stores that even does returns at all) I was sweating bullets until I found the eensy little credit card slip to go along with the larger store receipt (I don’t recall if I needed it, but given that it’s Singapore, I wasn’t willing to risk it being a crucial thing).

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  1. Zach Woods says:

    Hi Crystal –

    I actually prefer it when I am either asked if I want the receipt in the bag or they just hand it to me. I like to put the receipt in my wallet (I use receipts mostly to track expenses / enter those expenses into Quicken) and the extra step of fishing the receipt of the bag is something I find a nuisance.

    And I find that some of the US establishments also give me two receipts but probably only something like 25% or under.


    • Crystal says:

      Yeah I may have occasionally gotten two receipts in the US, but I don’t think it ever registered because it was such a small percentage. I honestly have gotten a little too used to places like Babies/Toys R Us and Target where they can just look up your purchases with the credit card, no receipt needed.

      Being given the choice is always the best, I agree. You have some really great reasons for wanting the receipts in hand.

  2. Flora says:

    This is one of my peeves. My hands are usually full when I get handed my credit card and receipts, and I hate standing there holding up the line while I put my cc away. I can’t move away because all my bags are still on the counter!

    • Crystal says:

      Yeah, I always feel like I”m holding up the line when all I’m trying to do is put my credit card away.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    i’m always fumbling too. Receipts can be cumbersome but in Singapore with the difficult return policies ….so crucial. Sometimes they don’t give a receipt at all unless I ask.

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