Only in Singapore

Only in Singapore would a rainstorm constitute the need for an “umbrella escort” from the taxi.  It wasn’t even a heavy one!

It does make one feel like one might be a fancy kind of lady 🙂

If only all my customer service experiences in Singapore were this nice.

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6 Responses to Only in Singapore

  1. Kirsten says:

    Maybe it’s job creation? Maybe there’s this one guy sitting in the office who is actually generally redundant, except when it rains he SPRINGS INTO ACTION WITH HIS AWESOME UMBRELLA.

    • Crystal says:

      LOL! I can see the superhero-esque imagery. Slumpy guy twiddling his thumbs in a room. THUNDER, LIGHTENING, RAIN…His eyes brighten, his demeanor changes and he transforms into UMBRELLA MAN

  2. brendan says:

    I remember trying to open a bank account and the very observant bank teller realized that my signature only had my middle initial whereas the passport had the full middle name and the form I filled out had no middle name at all. He then told me that I couldn’t have an account, didn’t offer any solutions and tried to confiscate the passport (somehow based on the above data he concluded that it was fake or stolen although it had my picture and name on it). Luckily I stood my ground (needed the account so I could get paid) but it took five different levels of bank officers, two phone calls, and filling out the forms three times.

    • Crystal says:


      That is *so* Singapore.

      Meanwhile in the US you’re lucky if you’re asked for ID, even if on the back of your credit card you write “Please ask for ID” (which I did, with one credit card…after never being asked for ID, I gave it up as a pointless exercise).

  3. brendan says:

    sorry. I meant to comment on your Crystalann post.

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