Borders Singapore is NOT closed


Thanks to AsiaOne, yesterday’s puzzling closure of Borders has been explained.

Rumours of Borders Singapore shutting its doors for good resurfaced again yesterday after fans of the bookstore chain were puzzled to find its Wheelock outlet closed.

A sign placed at the front of the store read: “The store is closed.”

But regular customers of the bookstore here, owned by Australia-based Redgroup Retail, can rest easy: Both its Wheelock and Parkway stores are not closing down any time soon.

When my paper contacted Borders’ Parkway outlet yesterday, a staff member there said that the Wheelock store was closed for only a day.

“There was a technical glitch; the shutters couldn’t be opened,” she explained. It will open for business at 9am today, she added.

The staff member also said that the Parkway outlet was “doing fine” and had no plans to close, not even for renovation.

Last month, Borders Group in the United States announced that it would close all 399 stores there, laying off 10,700 employees.

Borders Singapore then said that it has no affiliation with Borders US and was unaffected by the closures.

UPDATE–Some new information about the Wheelock Place Borders and why it was closed  (source here)

SINGAPORE : Borders said a dispute with its landlord, Wheelock Properties, has caused its bookstore at Wheelock Place to be closed since Tuesday.

Borders said it was “extremely disappointed” with its landlord of 13 years, but did not elaborate.

It also reassured the public that the store’s closure is not linked in any way to the shutdown of over 200 Borders stores in Australia and the US when its parent company filed for bankruptcy protection.

“We would emphasise that The Borders Singapore business is independent of these businesses and faces its own set of challenges and opportunities,” it said in a company statement.

“Borders Singapore continues to trade as usual from its Parkway Parade store, where we have a strong professional relationship with the landlord.”

Borders added that it will notify the public of any changes through notices on its website.

Wheelock Properties declined comment when contacted by MediaCorp and said the matter is being handled by its lawyers.

– CNA/ms

NEWEST UPDATE–They’re closing the Wheelock Store due to an issue with the landlord.  source


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4 Responses to Borders Singapore is NOT closed

  1. bookjunkie says:

    thanks so much for the confirmation…I’m glad that they are still in operation. Although I prefer Kino, another bookstore is always welcome. I wouldn’t want Borders to be replaced by anything other than a bookstore and that was my concern initially when I thought the reports about them closing were true.

    • Crystal says:

      It’s almost purely nostalgia for me. I also prefer Kino, but I don’t want the last borders in the world to be gone, too!

  2. jumbo says:

    sad, its really closed for good

    wheelock will be the biggest loser

    once boders leaves, so does crowds, then the other tenants will be affected, looks like its going to be a ghost town again

    • Crystal says:

      I absolutely agree. The only other major draw to Wheelock is EpicCentre (known in our home as Epic FAIL), but it’s not like there aren’t a million of them around the island.

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