Borders Wheelock IS closing

In a surprising turn of events, Borders has announced that its flagship store at Wheelock Place will be closing soon.

It has until Aug 23 to remove its stock from the premises and vacate it. However, its Parkway branch will remain open.

The closure comes after an administrative discrepancy in the cheque issued to Wheelock Properties, Border’s landlord, led the latter to take over the premises.

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“Although a cashier’s order was then subsequently drawn, the Landlord, having reentered the premises, was unwilling to reverse the actions it had already taken.

“The Company is therefore unable to reopen its store in Wheelock Place which it has occupied for the last 13 years,” Borders said in a statement.

The company also denied that it had been two months behind in paying rental.

“Rental for the month of August had not been paid in part due to an administrative discrepancy in the cheque issued to the landlord,” the statement continued.

This brings its tenancy of 13 years at the Orchard Road shopping mall to an end.

A spokesman said its remaining stock will be offered for sale once an appropriate location has been found.

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Final Update—Borders Singapore is gone.

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