Traveling without kids

I’m a little too tired to be fully cogent, so I’ll just share a few things in sections…


Apart from a two night trip when E was one and the four days (?) we did in Hong Kong, this past February, I haven’t flown sans Elanor in almost 3 years.  I can honestly say I’d forgotten what it was like.

Today (I guess technically yesterday if I’m on Singapore time) I got into a cab at 4am by myself after kissing the toddler and my husband goodbye (E was asleep, but apparently I ruined that as she came to our bed not a half hour later).  I checked into the airport by myself.  I got the shock of a lifetime when both my segments upgraded at check-in (I had requested a business class upgrade, but I almost never get them) by myself.  I cleared immigration, went to the lounge and then cleared security at the gate all on my own.

I don’t think traveling with kids is a nightmare.  It becomes routine after a while.  No it’s not fast, and it involves a lot of moving parts, but it’s totally doable.

What I didn’t realize, though, was HOW MUCH FASTER things move without kids.  Security?  Pop my laptop and liquid meds out… step through the metal detector, put them back in and go.  Deplaning? I don’t have to be the last person off.  Walking?  No toddler glacial pace.  Making a connection?  I had time to stop into the lounge in Tokyo and have a glass of water and a banana.

I have to admit the luxury of not needing to keep an ear/eye on my child was also heavenly.  I slept the majority of the flight to Tokyo and for about a third of the flight to Seattle.  When

I did watch a movie, I could just watch the movie.  I didn’t have to feed someone else before myself.  I only had to go to the bathroom when I wanted/needed to.

Don’t get me wrong…I miss my husband and my daughter.  I’ve already bought a guilt gift for E (shh, don’t tell her!), and have talked/skyped and chatted with Ravi already.


Wow, this traveling without kids thing is AWESOME.


One small hiccup.  As I was clearing immigration, I had to produce my dependent pass.  No problem…and I pulled out not just mine, but Elanor’s as well.  Which Ravi will need next Tuesday when HE flies.  Whoops.  Luckily the nice people at the United Lounge at Changi helped a forgetful mom out with an envelope and a promise to get it into the mail.


When I got to Seattle, there was a huge headache which involved my 28 week pregnant ass hauling around my two large suitcases, a backpack and a tote because you couldn’t take luggage carts over to the car rental side of things.  In Singapore and Japan, there are carts for free everywhere on both sides of security.



I got to drive a car, go to Target, eat Panda Express (mmmm orange chicken—I once deserted Ravi on a bus in Chicago when I was pregnant with E because it went past a Panda Express and I had a sudden urge for orange chicken), shop at Barnes & Noble (bookstore) and see a friend I haven’t seen in years.


Long blisteringly hot shower for as long as I wanted to stay in the shower.



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