New Laptop!

Not that anyone besides me REALLY cares, but…

Remember that whole drama with the “Authorized Apple Repair Center” customer service? The one where they quoted me over 3,000 dollars to get my 2 year old, 2 models old, 2 operating systems old laptop fixed?  As opposed to spending the same amount for a brand new laptop with a 50% bigger hard drive, a quad core processer, double the ram and a bunch of niftier specs?

Fun times, right?

So after that debacle, I decided to grit my teeth and use our crappy dell until I could get to the US and let a REAL Apple store take a look at my baby.

I was right about one thing…$3,000 dollars+ to get it fixed was a giant rip off.  Sadly, due to the regrettable liquid damage that was not covered by my apple care plan, they weren’t going to fix it for free.  But for about 1200 USD, they could completely repair it, and my apple car would go back into effect for the duration of my contract (next August). A much worthier offer for consideration.

However, given that my old laptop only had about a year left on it anyway, it seemed like a poor use of money as compared to buying a new laptop.  Which I did.  The nice Apple store people then migrated all my data (right down to the background of my display!) for me.  I am now blogging on a brand new Macbook Pro but one with all my old data on it!



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