Space Needle and a Spontaneous Wedding–Seattle, Washington

This is the Space Needle.  It is Seattle’s famous tourist trap for those of us who like to see a city from up high (in this case, the observation deck is 520 feet or 184 meters off the ground…source).  When it was built for the 1962 World’s Fair, it was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, according to Wikipedia.

Cheesy as it might be, it was on my list of stuff that would be fun to do/see in Seattle, so on one afternoon that Kelli was busy, I went on my own (she begged me not to drag her there–much like several things in Boston, it’s one of those places you always end up with out of town visitors, and that loses its appeal fairly quickly).

I bought my ticket and rode to the top, wandering the exterior.  A friend called (the cell reception was excellent) so I decided to take a moment to sit and chat with her while I admired the view.  I picked a random bench that wasn’t near too many people (so I wouldn’t disturb others), which ended up being the best seat in the house for what happened next…


No, really, a wedding broke out.

The moment the Justice of the Peace asked people if they wouldn’t mind not walking in the small part they were taking up for the 5-10 minutes they needed for the ceremony, I got off my phone and enjoyed sharing this wonderful moment with the couple.

Best Wishes!

As you might imagine, I was kind of thrown by this turn of events, and forgot to take a lot of pictures of the skyline and the mountains.  Although, to be fair, as it hadn’t recently rained, the visibility was not fantastic, thanks to smog and pollution.  However, here are two of the better shots…

Mountains in the distance (I don’t think Mt. Ranier is one of them, but don’t quote me)

Edited to add–Yes, Kelli says that those are the Olympic Mountains.  Mt. Rainier is in the Cascade Range.  I have a gorgeous picture of it that I’ll share another time.

The city skyline (part of it).

It’s a touristy experience, and you shouldn’t expect much more of it than that.  For about 20 dollars you get a super fast elevator ride to the observation deck, you wander around looking at the skyline (which is pretty, although it’s much prettier I’m told after a rainfall when the smog isn’t so heavy), you take the fast elevator down and are deposited in the inevitable gift shop.  To be fair, though, I found great gifts for my girls–pj’s for Ellie and a onesie for the baby.  It’s not something you’ll spend all day at, and it’s next to another giant tourist trap (the Experience Music Project/Sci-Fi Museum–which I’ll write about another day) so you could spend an afternoon in the area.

But I still think it’s fun…once, maybe twice.

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