Heading Home

It’s not that I have an issue being awake at 3:30am…it’s that I really prefer not to be.  I especially prefer for it not to be the START of a 30 plus hour “day.”

But here we are….again…awake at 3am, gearing up for a 4am pick up from a taxi and 3 long flights around half the circumference of the world…to go home (in this case lower-case “h” home, but home nonetheless).

See all you lovelies on the flip side.  We land just before midnight Sunday going into Monday Singaporean time, or about noon on Sunday Eastern US time.

A quick note to my Singaporean friends…I may need an extra day to be available via anything other than social media.  I seem to have misplaced my sim card, and will have to go throw myself upon the mercy of Starhub to replace it on Monday.  But email/google+/fb/tweet away…and I’ll be around.

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