So I’ve been told that if I write anything but a medical update, I’m in trouble.

Let’s see…I wrote my last post about 5 hours into my stay in the hospital.  I’m closing in on hour 27 now.  I’ve been contraction free for the majority of the time, which is very good news.

I was only able to stay on the anti-contraction drug for about 7 hours.  The nasty side effects became a bit too nasty for my body to handle.  My pulse was hitting 130 and higher, and my hands were trembling.  Initially they tried just lowering the dose, but I just couldn’t tolerate it any longer, so I was taken off it, and given a different medication in pill form along with the progesterone I’d been on for a week now.  It’s actually not a super uncommon reaction, even if it sounds a little nerve-wracking.  The important thing is that it did its job.  It stopped the labor, creating a safe space for the new medications to just work as maitanence drugs.

I’m grateful for my friends and family and all their efforts to keep me sane.  I talked with several close friends on the phone yesterday, had several others try to keep me entertained via facebook, and I was able to skype with my parents and with Ravi and Ellie at Ellie’s bedtime.  Ravi texted me throughout the day and into the night.

Sadly it was a rough night.  I’ve never been particularly good at sleeping on my back…when not pregnant, I’m a stomach sleeper, and when pregnant, I use a massive pregnancy pillow to make sleeping on my side tolerable.  I chose not to bring the pregnancy pillow to the hospital as I doubt it would comfortably fit into the bed with me.  Whenever I tried to rest on my side, the monitors attached to my belly (one to measure the baby’s heart rate, the other to check for contractions) didn’t work well.  So I had to try to sleep on my back.  Which did not go well, particularly as I had to take meds or be monitored at 2, 4, 6 and 8 am.  I think I got about an hour between 5 and 6, and that was it.

I should feel more tired than I do…but I think it’s a mixture of being out of my element and adrenaline that’s keeping me awake.

The good news is that this morning I was allowed to move to a regular room on the recovery floor (where moms go with new babies).  While I no longer have a bassinet and baby warmer in my room, I can hear the other mom’s new babies crying on and off.  Which drives home that I am sitting in the exact same room type as I was planning to rest in after the birth of the baby.  The next time (hopefully) I see this room (or its twin) I will have a second daughter.  The idea is exciting, if hard to fully picture (even after the pre-term labor yesterday).

However, the best parts of being able to move to a private room are that I am no longer being continuously monitored, which means I can get up and just go to the bathroom without calling a nurse, begging to use the toilet instead of a bed pan, waiting for them to disconnect me, walking the iv pole into the bathroom, knowing that they’re waiting for me just outside the door, and then going through the hassle of re-attaching myself to everything again.  Even more importantly, I was able to take a shower!  There was a stool placed in the shower, so that I was able to do so without standing too long or exerting too much effort, which I appreciated.  After my shower I had to get an half hour of monitoring for contractions…I’m not sure if I had a single contraction or if the baby just pushed on the top of my uterus really hard with her feet…but as it was only one, and there hasn’t been any repeat, the nurses and doctor aren’t concerned.  I am still getting occasional blood sugar, blood pressure, temperature, and such checks as well, and I’ll probably have another monitoring session or two, but it’s not that big a deal when it’s just a half hour here and there.  Without the belts connected to me, I also have more faith that I may get some rest today or tonight.

I was lucky to have a visitor today as well.  A good friend dropped by with her adorable little boy for about an hour.  It was nice to have a real life interaction 🙂   Ellie and B will drop by after pre-school, some time around 5 this evening for a while, and hopefully Ravi will make it in again (he came by in the morning to help move me).  Maybe one or two others will drop in?

Otherwise I’ve filled the time with internet browsing, fall tv on iTunes, and some phone calls.  I had to get in touch with our insurance, and make a few doctors appointments for myself.  Normally I would just see my OB once next week, but given everything, she’s asked me to move to twice weekly starting next week.  My endocrinologist has also asked to see me next week as the steroid for the baby’s lungs had the side effect of blowing my blood sugar sky high, and it’s still running quite high.  He just wants to ensure that it settles.  Personally I’m excited that I’ll get to leave the house 3 whole times next week.

At the moment I’m waiting for my OB’s colleague to drop by, I’m guessing after his clinic hours?  He’ll ultimately be the one to decide when/if I can go home tomorrow.  I’ll do anything he wants if only I can go home to my comfy bed, my family, and my giant pregnancy pillow.

So to recap, no contractions (or just the one and it doesn’t count all by itself) and boredom.  But in a nicer room than yesterday.

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6 Responses to Update

  1. Hi there! So glad you’re feeling a bit better. Preterm labor is no fun! And hospital “sleeping” is the worst. I was in there for 2 weeks before Charlotte about the same time along as you are. The medicines are awful. Glad you’re off the hard core stuff, and hope you’re home the rest of this journey. Nora

    • Crystal says:

      2 Weeks? I think I’d go nuts! You poor thing.

      With luck I’m heading home tomorrow….waiting on the official word, but I haven’t seen the doctor yet. Sitting on pins and needles.

  2. Dawn says:

    Ugh – sounds like you are bored out of your mind. But I’m glad things are improving, that the baby’s okay, and you’ll get to go home soon. 🙂

    • Crystal says:

      Boredom is ultimately preferable to being so surrounded by medical personnel that you never have time to be bored. We learned that with Ellie’s illness….but boredom is still no fun.

      Sending you good thoughts…you’re the one who should be in labor!

  3. bookjunkie says:

    Good to know you’re doing ok although this sounds like quite a long hospital stay and I hope you are not too bored out of your mind. I guess it’s more the discomfort of being stuck in a plasticky hospital bed. Hope you get to bring your own softer pillows from home. I find the hospital ones too hard & slippery with those covers, and my neck just feels so uncomfortable.

    I am totally a tummy sleeper too and sleeping on my back I find awfully uncomfortable somehow. Sometimes I sleep on my side.

    I am actually quite excited following you on your journey and I feel the anticipation. Looking forward to your future posts.

    • Crystal says:

      I think one of the things I like least about being pregnant is not being able to sleep comfortably on my stomach (ironic I know, since I have so many things to pick from that make pregnancy challenging for me). After I had Ellie, I remember that Ravi laughed at me the first night when I exclaimed “I can sleep on my tummy!!!!” like I’d discovered the cure to cancer 🙂

      I took a regular pillow, because yes…hospital pillows…ick. But those beds are just uncomfortable unless you’re really really drugged well (I had a week long hospital stay in 06 before my back surgery, and I was so drugged on painkillers I couldn’t have identified the ceiling from the floor, much less if the bed was comfortable).

      I’m glad you’re along for the journey. And that I have your blog to remind me that there is life outside my apartment…since I won’t be seeing much of it for the next 3ish weeks.

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