Sick Kiddo

Hey guys

I may not be posting for a few days…Ellie has come down with a virus of some kind.  We were in the ER for 4 hours last night with Ellie throwing up everything, and worried about dehydration.


She eventually was able to stop vomiting and we came home.  The past 15 or so hours have been largely spent sleeping on the couch as a family (I was up all night with her, as was Ravi, B, and poor little Rhiannon got dragged along for the ride as we have neither introduced a bottle yet, nor do I have excess supply to allow for her to have bottles right now, anyway).  Poor Ravi went to work, and subsisted on coffee and diet coke, but made it through.

We’ve been warned this is a viral thing sweeping through the young kids right now…there were two other kids in the ER with us and when we followed up with our pediatrician today, she said she’d had several more kids in practice that day as well.  Obviously she missed gymnastics today, and will be home from school tomorrow.

Any way..if I’m absent from the blog for a few days, you know why.

Grandparents–she’s on the mend, but it’s been a long day.  I assume tomorrow will be long too.

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6 Responses to Sick Kiddo

  1. Kirsten says:

    Aww, hope she’ll feel better soon!

  2. Dawn says:

    Oh no! Feel better soon, Ellie! BTW, are you taking any special precautions to prevent Rhi from getting it? (I’m desperately afraid of what happens to I if F comes home from daycare with something nasty.) I hope nobody else in your family gets sick!

    • Crystal says:

      The pediatrician mostly said just not to let her (Ellie) kiss Rhi on the face. She also said that since I’ve been a parent of a pre-schooler for a while, I likely have or am currently building antibodies to her plagues, which then get passed to Rhiannon.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    Poor baby…I hope she feel better real soon. I can’t imagine how worried you must have been.

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