Singapore Flyer adds Singapore Slings

Before I start, I need to disclose that I have accepted a complimentary ride in December on the Flyer with Singapore Slings in exchange for promotion.  However, all opinions expressed in this post are mine.  The promotional information is italicized.

I’m a huge fan of anything that lets me get a bird’s eye perspective on the city.  I love the Prudential and the Hancock Tower in Boston, the Sears tower (yes I know it has a new name, and I don’t care) in Chicago, the London Eye…you name it.  Which is why our first date night here in Singapore was the Flyer (we didn’t have time to go during our “look see visit”).

At the time, I was still fairly clueless about Singapore, and what part of the city was where (or even where Malaysia was relative to where I was).  I enjoyed the views, and made a point of learning about a few things, but we didn’t get a map or anything that helped us learn about what we were seeing (which in hindsight was a mistake).

For me, the flyer is a favorite landmark here in Singapore.  I especially love driving by it at night when they light it up.  When we get back from trips away, we always pass it in the cab ride home and it’s the sign that we’re getting close to home.  I just think it’s pretty and I love how it enhances the skyline.

The Flyer, the ArtScience Museum (with the laser) and the Marina Bay Sands

So Ravi and I are going to have another date at the Flyer in December, with Singapore Slings.  I tried my first Singapore Sling  in Singapore back when Jim was visiting, but since I was pregnant, it was a virgin.  I’ve had an alcoholic one on a Singapore Airlines flight, but that doesn’t really count, given that it was watery.  So I’m looking forward to sipping my sling while getting a sunset view of the city, knowing this time I know where “home” is, where Maylasia is, and so forth.  And since it’s been about 9 months since I’ve done any sort of aerial look at the city (I think the March trip to the Altitude Skybar was the last time), given the ridiculous level of construction, parts will look totally different.

I’m not being compensated to say this, but families may want to check out the Toys Come Alive at the Flyer as a family event for the holidays.  We’ll need to take the girls!  Date night and singles will prefer the Singapore Sling flights.

I’ll blog about the experience again after we go, but even without having had the experience yet, I’d encourage people to go check it out if you like heights and aerial views like I do.  The 2 for 1 deal is only good through the end of the year.

From the Singapore Flyer website…

Chill out with an all-time classic – the Singapore Sling – and take in lovely city sights 165-metres above the skies. The experience is now sweetened with a 1-for-1 deal, only for visitors who purchase the tickets directly from any of our ticketing booths at the Singapore Flyer. Daily Flights: 2.30pm; 4:30pm; 6.30pm; 7.30pm; 8.30pm & 9.30pm. For more information, please visit the Singapore Sling product page.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid from 5 November – 31 December 2011, subject to availability.
  • Valid for walk-in purchase at Singapore Flyer ticketing counters only.
  • Not valid for online, corporate, group and advanced bookings.
  • Offer does not include a souvenir glass.
  • Offer is not exchangable or redeemable for cash and/or other items.
  • Not valid with other promotions, discounts, privileges and vouchers.
  • Singapore Flyer Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.


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5 Responses to Singapore Flyer adds Singapore Slings

  1. Laura says:

    Hope you enjoy your ride, I think you definitely deserve it! We had a lovely evening.

  2. bookjunkie says:

    Your photos of the view from the top look awesome.

    I have hesitated to take the flyer because of my claustrophobia. How did you find it? Was it spacious enough within the capsule?

    So glad you finally had a treat after being in the hospital and so stressed out for the past weeks.

    • Crystal says:

      The capsule was fairly roomy and not crowded when we took it last year. If you target a low traffic time (middle of the week, non-public holiday) it shouldn’t be crowded (or a very late flight…we were one of the last that night). I don’t have claustrophobia, so I don’t know that I could respond to how it would feel for someone who experiences it.

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