Rhi’s week at KK

Well, that week sucked.

Poor Rhiannon caught RSV, which is a virus that morphs from a cold into bronchiolitis or pnuemonia.  It’s likely everyone in the family caught it, but it’s a far less serious virus when dealing with older immune systems, although I suspect that it was the true root of Elanor’s fever and not the vaccinations on which I’d blamed the fever the week before.

Monday night I took Rhiannon to KK Children’s Hospital, where she was admitted due to respiratory distress, even after receiving the first of what would be MANY nebulizer treatments.  On Tuesday night going into Wednesday she started having more respirator distress, so they started giving her low doses of supplemental oxygen (see the tube in her nose in the picture above).

KK has many things to recommend it, but their internet availability is not one of those things (hence the blog silence…I was on facebook and twitter via my phone, but blogging via phone is beyond what I have the patience to do).

Ellie did not deal well with the absence of either her sister or myself.  The first day (Tuesday) we didn’t let her come because I was worried about Rhi.  The second day (Wednesday) I let her come and took her downstairs for Mommy and Ellie time.   We bought Rhi the bear in this picture and the balloon in the picture below before snacking on fries at the McDonalds.

I also think it was Wednesday that my friend E stopped by with a notebook and pens so I could go old school with my writing.

Thursday night Ravi came and relieved me for six hours so that I could go home and do bedtime, as well as grab a nap that didn’t involve beeping machines, interruptions by nurses, or that horrible sleep chair that has my back still wincing in pain days later.

I also popped home for a bit on Saturday when we learned that she wasn’t going to get released that morning.

Elanor was far more affected by this hospitalization than she was by the one last month when Rhi was hospitalized for gastroenteritis.  Ravi and I have discussed it at length and we’re not sure why, although our theory is just that she is that much more used to having Rhi around/that much more in love with Rhi.

Rhiannon was released Saturday evening after a five day stay in the hospital.  We were originally scheduled to fly home today, but it was too risky to try so soon.  Our current plan is to rebook our flights for the 31rst, so that Rhi will be sufficiently healthy to handle the trip without us doing a compare and contrast of Singapore versus Boston’s Children’s Hospitals.

I have a lot of posts backed up after last week’s radio silence.  I’m planning on doing a mixture of blogging daily as per the usual and scheduling some posts for when we’re in the US as I’m usually terrible at blogging when I’m on vacation back home.

Thank you for all the love and concern that was poured our way via the blog, twitter and facebook.  Rhi is lucky to have so many people who care.

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6 Responses to Rhi’s week at KK

  1. Dawn says:

    I’m so glad she’s feeling better, and that you get to spend nights at home again! So sorry you had to go through this, but hopefully it’ll be the worst thing you’ll ever have to go through with her!

  2. Laura says:

    Glad to hear Rhiannon is much better and hope when you get back to Boston you have a wonderful time and that your unexpected Christmas in Singapore is good too.

    • Crystal says:

      Thanks! Honestly it all worked out for the best…we’ve already got a confirmed upgrade on the superlong leg from Japan to DC. It’s sad to miss the actual Christmas Day in Boston, but we have plenty more opportunities, and we’ll be home for New Years Eve.

      Enjoy your first Xmas as a married lady!

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