Angry Birds at Changi Airport

As you can imagine, the blog hasn’t been updated in a few days because it’s been a bit overwhelming to get ready to go on a trip, particularly when all the usual supports you are used to are removed.  It was manageable, but the blog had to fall to the bottom of my priorities.

We left for the airport at 4:30am on Saturday morning, the 31rst.  The drive to Changi was the first time I felt like I had exhaled since everything had gone down with B.  Knowing that home was just a (very very long) plane ride away was a huge comfort.

As we arrived at Changi, I smiled.

Then I saw the decorations outside Changi and my smile got even bigger…Angry Birds!  Apparently there was some sort of sponsored Visa promotion with Angry Birds.  It ended December 31rst (the day we flew) so I’m very glad we didn’t miss out, because I loved the decorations.  Terminal 3 has never looked this fun!

Pictures are via my phone, so the quality is not as high.



Above another door


Between check in and immigration


Another view of the same large display between check in and immigration


Redemption booth after immigration

Freestanding bird in front of a store


Freestanding pig in front of a store


We arrived safe and sound in the US.  We had a few delays, but everyone arrived in one piece, as did our luggage, so I can’t complain.  In the end, our quiet New Years Toast with my in-laws and the friends that met us at the airport was much more our speed than how crazy Boston would have been.

The cats are a pet hotel, sharing an air-conditioned “luxury” cattery.  I’m waiting to hear how they’re doing, but I imagine that the required bath they were given didn’t go over well, especially with Kerowyn (who isn’t known for her laid back nature).

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12 Responses to Angry Birds at Changi Airport

  1. Flora says:

    My sister says Angry Birds are the national bird of Singapore because she saw them everywhere while she was here, including all over Changi.

    • Crystal says:

      I would agree with her assessment. Several friends have said “Angry Birds” is all over the US, but the merchandising level hasn’t hit anywhere near Singapore levels (or HK as Kirsten is saying).

  2. bookjunkie says:

    I can imagine how beautiful Boston must be right now 🙂 It’s snowing? Glad you’re all safe and sound…..with no lost luggages.

  3. Kirsten says:

    Haha I did use to think that Singapore has an obsession with Angry Birds, then I came to Hong Kong. Oh. My. God.

  4. Glad you guys made it across the ocean luggage and all. It seems like every time I check in on your blog, you’re off on an other lovely adventure!

  5. Tabea says:

    Hi there. If you have a spare moment, I wondered if you could blog about the logistics of travelling with little ones.

    Background: I got pregnant a few months after you did. I learnt a lot from your obgyn posts – thank you for sharing. My little girl, officially due 11th January 2012, popped out on 4th December after two false alarms and a week in hospital. Oh, and I’m Singaporean but the midwife who delivered my baby is American, which is a neat inversion of your situation!

    Anyway, I was thinking of taking baby with me to the south of France at the end of March, when she will be just under four months old. She is my first baby so it’s been a steep learning curve. That’s why I’d love to hear your thoughts and tips on travelling with an infant.

    The main issue is not so much the distance – it is a short-haul trip as we live in the UK – but the feeding. My daughter can’t get enough of breast milk but will only take it from a bottle. This means a lot of extra work for me – 8-10 times a day pumping using a hospital-grade electric pump. Utterly exhausting, just about do-able on a stay-at-home mom routine but I can’t imagine carting the pump with me on a trip, and I don’t know if a manual pump would be able to produce the required volume.

    • Crystal says:


      Look for it in the next few weeks. I’m kind of half assing the posting while on vacation and I really would want to do justice to the topic.

  6. Love this blog on the airport! May I link to it in my personal blog: parentonthemove

    ??? I clicked on your twitter link to find your blog address, as I help with the Crossing Cultures twitter–and just loved your entry. Thanks, Kathleen

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