Wild Turkeys

My in laws live in a quiet, very residential area.  Quiet and residential enough that there are two types of animal sightings that never fail to entertain me.  The first is the plethora of bunny rabbits hopping through the yards in the spring and summer.

The second…

The band of wild turkeys that show up every fall and winter.

When we lived in Massachusetts, my first annual sighting of them was usually pre-Thanksgiving, making me wonder if they were supremely stupid or deliberately baiting us.  I’m not a gun person, so I can’t say for sure, but I’m pretty certain that there are city laws against shooting one of these guys and taking it home for Thanksgiving dinner rather than going to Shaws and buying a Butterball.

Don’t for a second think they’re adorable and sweet.

Two years ago they were loitering in the road, and I leaned on my horn to encourage them to get out of my way.  Rather than flee, as I expected, they attacked my car.  They turned to face me, and several tried to peck at my front fender!  That was when I let the car roll forward a bit, which sent them scattering.  I don’t know how much these turkeys weigh, but my car is bigger and impervious to beaks.

Today they were just looking for food in a neighbor’s yard, as opposed to blocking traffic.

I find wild turkeys in an urban setting fairly incongruous.  If I’d seen them by my mom’s home, which is far more rural, it wouldn’t surprise me.  But my in-laws are only blocks away from a very urban area (even if their street is quiet and residential).

Every time I see them, I go down a rabbit hole of curiosity….where do they come from?   Where do they go in the summer/spring?  What is it about this block that they find so appealing?  Where do they sleep?

I loved seeing them today.  I had figured it was cold enough that I wouldn’t, so it was a wonderful surprise.

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  1. bookjunkie says:

    Crystal, your story reminded me of the peacocks at Sentosa who peck at the cars when they see their own reflection and this it’s an opponent. It must be really nice to be close to nature. And what a beautiful backyard. I can almost feel the delicious cool air looking at your photos.

  2. No firing of firearms within city limits. 🙂

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