Ellie likes American McDonalds…

Ellie has decided that American McDonalds are the best McDonalds anywhere.  This decision has nothing to do with food.  Elanor loves US McDonalds because of the following….

Many suburban McDonalds in the US have a “Play Place.”  Elanor thinks this might be the most awesome invention in the history of inventions.  You can climb and slide and play…AND get french fries with ketchup.  Really, does a kid need anything else in life?

Personally, I like American McDonalds better for, among other things, the baked apple pies.  The apple pie, though, is an object of much contentious debate in my marriage.  Like the rest of the world still does, we used to serve fried apple pies here in the US.  About a decade ago (give or take), the pies were changed to a baked recipe, in theory to be “healthier” (although the baked apple pie still has like 400 calories, so it can’t be THAT much healthier), and I think they’re delicious.  Ravi, however, maintains the superiority of the fried recipe that is served everywhere else.

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