Ellie’s first day of Nursery 2

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s sleep deprived post, which just goes to show that posting jetlagged is not all that different from posting drunk.

Elanor NEVER WENT TO SLEEP after we arrived in Singapore.  When she was still running around full tilt at noon, I decided that she was absolutely going to pre-school (if only to get a break from her and at that point–better them than me).  She’d missed a few weeks, but that was unavoidable given that we had to change our travel plans after Rhi was hospitalized with RSV.  So we arrived at school early yesterday to get her uniforms, books, and so that I could talk to her teachers (and more generally inform the school that we had fired B and that no one but Ravi or I were allowed to pick up Elanor).

The “uniform” is only a t-shirt.  They can wear whatever they want in terms of a bottom with it, but what I found that was clean, fit, and wasn’t currently in a suitcase was a pair of khaki capris.  The choice didn’t really hit me until I popped a uniform shirt over her tank top and stepped back to look at Ellie.  She looked so grown up, and I blame the khakis (or that’s what I’m telling myself).

Things went fairly well, and her teacher assured me that everything would be fine, stop worrying.

So I got cocky, and went grocery shopping, and then decided to run the food home since I had time spare time.  The second I was done putting the food in the fridge, my phone rang.

“Ellie’s being disruptive…we think the jet lag is kicking in.  Can you come get her?” asked the teacher.

Yes, if only I could get a taxi.  Which I couldn’t until I stood on the side of the road waving for almost 10 minutes.  So instead of 15 minutes, it took almost 30 for me to get to the school, and I arrived only 15 before the end of the day.  At which point E had decided to do her worksheet and was fine.  So she just finished out the day.

Within an hour though, she’d crashed for the night.

And woke up at 4am…which is better than waking up at 1am, but not nearly where I wish we were.  Through a combination of bribes and cuddles, I managed to snooze on and off until 8, but I’m definitely going to need caffeine to survive again today.  The house is still trashed, but it seems that pre-k is 3.5 hours instead of 3, so I think I’m going to use school time today to clean instead of write.

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