River Hong Bao

River Hong Bao is a major event each year in Singapore over Chinese New Year.

Its stated goals are

Promote the celebration of Lunar New Year and the appreciation of its culture and traditions so as to deepen family ties and strengthen community bonding.

River Hong Bao as a compelling destination for Singaporeans, residents, and tourists to visit and enjoy the Lunar New Year festivities.

Involving the younger generation in an effort to ensure preservation of Chinese culture and traditions.

It’s held at the Floating Stadium over by Marina Bay Sands (which is the triple skyscraper you can see in the background of the shot below, and the ArtScience Museum is the white building next to MBS).

It was one of the most crowded events we’ve been to in Singapore.  There were food stall alleys, lanterns and decorations of all the Chinese Zodiac animals, a giant god of fortune, exhibits, performances, and a carnival with tons of kids rides.

I loved these lanterns…

To be totally honest, more signage would have been helpful.  I know this guy is the God of Fortune primarily because I remember seeing a picture of him last year in someone’s post (I don’t remember whose, though, or I’d link you).

But other than to say “hey that’s pretty” or “that’s really cool” a lot of what we saw didn’t carry the significance I know it probably should have.  However, can I just say that the following is very pretty and very cool…

As a Christmas Present, a cousin gave Ellie a toddler camera by vtech, which has become a favorite possession.  It seems that she has picked up my hobby of photography (or just wants to copy Mommy).  If I can figure out how to upload the pictures, next week’s Wordless Wednesday will be Ellie’s photos (preview–they’re mostly the floor and awkward shots of people’s feet and legs, but adorably so).  Here is a picture of her taking a picture…

We wandered around for about half an hour before we noticed that there was a carnival happening as part of River Hong Bao.  While we are not huge authentic Chinese Food enthusiasts, and the whole eating part of CNY is a bit lost on us, we do have two young children, one of whom is VERY into carnival rides…so we ended up spending the rest of our evening over there.

I have to say that carnivals here seem to place child safety at a much lower premium.  There were NO seatbelts on any ride.  I sort of felt glad that the helicopter ride had any sort of containment device at all considering how fast and high it went.  Ellie had a blast, particularly on the giant inflatable slide, and she was more than ready for bed by the time we were done.

Lots more pictures and some video in youtube clip below…

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3 Responses to River Hong Bao

  1. Kirsten says:

    I looooove eating all through Chinese New Year. Missed out on most of it this year although we did let loose in Macau. I miss Singapore food!

    If it’s the same thing I’m thinking of this festival has been near the Singapore River for ages. I used to really love it as a kid. I didn’t know it was called River Hong Bao though.

    • Crystal says:

      I saw your post about how the Americans and Brits went to go gamble and the S’poreans were like “EAT!” when you went to Macau. I laughed.

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