Random Things from Boston

Since my small tidbits post from yesterday went over well, I’m going to do it again, as there are so many things I meant to post about while home and didn’t, or feel as though they might not merit an individual post.


My in-laws were awesome and put up a tree for the girls!


My super crafty mom made these.  If I could’ve figured out how to get one home safely, I would’ve “borrowed” the one in the middle.

She also made some gorgeous things for the girls that I’ll have to showcase in another post, including a blanket she and my aunt designed and made that matches our “rainforest” themed baby furniture, a pillowcase with Ariel embroidered on it for Ellie, and a CNY decoration for the Year of the Dragon.


How freaking cute is she in her winter coat, hats mittens and boots?


On the subject of winter and cold weather, I was out with my friends Kate and Curt.  I’d left Ellie with my in-laws, but had Rhiannon with me.  We left the warm Prudential Center Mall to walk to Newbury Comics, which is a few blocks away.  The look on poor Rhi’s face when we stepped out into the bitter cold can only be described thusly…

“Wha???  WTF???  MOMMY!!  WHAT IS THIS???”

Her eyes flew open wide and practically bugged out and she was staring at me in a mixture of shock and horror.

As she was appropriately bundled, Curt, Kate and I burst out laughing.


I’ve known that I have two children for a while now…but for some reason, seeing my car’s back seat cluttered with two car seats blew my mind a bit.  Maybe it’s because when we first started dating, it was a fairly new car, and it was a huge sign of love when Ravi would occasionally let me drive it…the car predates our relationship, much less our marriage and our kids.

Poor car…you used to be so clean.

Speaking of the car, I don’t think I let Ravi drive even once.  Which he was fine with–he doesn’t like driving, and I LOVE driving, so we make a fairly good pair when it comes to that.  I also made a point of ditching both kids at least once so I could drive with LOUD MUSIC…which is one of life’s little pleasures.  Driving and shrieking along to my favorite music is very high on my list of things I love to do.



I’m getting this picture framed and putting it in Ellie’s room.  She asks to see it regularly and tells me that CJ and Z are her best friends.  She also wants to know when they can come over to play….


Aimee, Zach….want to field that one?


The trip to Maine to see my grandfather marked another first for Rhi-her first stay at a hotel.  Here she is curled up with Ellie for storytime.  I love this picture of the girls.

Thinking of hotels…with the girls, I have really fallen for the homewood suites chain (which is part of Hilton).  Two rooms, a kitchenette, and space for all of us puts them high on my list.  Which is a far cry from my preferred hotels when it is just Ravi and I (think the Waldorf Astoria in NYC, the Drake in Chicago, etc…the grand dame hotels of yesteryear).


We also got to stop in and see our friends as Isis Parenting in Needham.  I was especially psyched for Rhiannon to meet Nancy in person.  I first met Nancy when she led one of Ellie’s mom/baby classes at Isis, and we’ve stayed friends since.  She is a lactation consultant extraordinaire and my personal baby guru–if you have a baby, you should be following her on twitter–her streams of consciousness posts about babies, development, and breastfeeding are super helpful.


One of the best things about being home was being in the same time zone as some of my dearest friends.  I didn’t have to stop and think to calculate the time differential.  I could just call them to talk about anything or everything.  Facebook, email, twitter and the blog make keeping in touch easy, but I wish I could just give a quick call in the middle of my day…and not have it be the middle of their night.


We saw Elanor’s gastroenterologist while we were home.  Ellie is very small–she’s the smallest kid in her class, and as she has historically had weight gain issues, we wanted to talk to him about her growth.  As it turns out, she has stayed on her own little 2nd percentile curve.  He did suggest we talk to an endocrinologist in a year or two to evaluate if her growth hormone levels are appropriate, but he tactfully pointed out that neither Ravi nor I are terribly tall, so it’s not exactly out of the question that Ellie turn out to be petite as well.


There are things that merit their own posts, like the little get together we had for people to come over and meet Rhi, our visit with Marvin and Rosemary to Rein’s NY Style Deli, our visit with our friend Dawn’s family (which was Ellie’s first encounter with a real violin as well as a fun visit with a friend).  I’ll be writing those over the next bit of time…poke me if I forget.

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2 Responses to Random Things from Boston

  1. Zach Woods says:

    Hi Crystal –

    I enjoy that picture of the kids also! You are reminding me to show it to Zane again also!

    We would love to visit Singapore – but time and money may keeps us from such a trip for at least a year or two. If you all are still there after we can save up both the time and the money it should be a fun trip.

    We always welcome you guys at our place when you take the trip in this direction,

    Zach, Deb, and Zane

    • Crystal says:

      We’re here for the foreseeable future 🙂 Would love to host you guys!

      I find it interesting that E sees CJ and Zane far less than her friends here, but I hear about them more, especially just after a trip.

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