Better late than never?

I was recently scrolling through pictures on my phone and found a bunch of pictures I’d taken for the blog and then totally forgotten about.

From Christmas, the hours sign at a local grocery store.  I wanted to share it because there have been so many holidays where a grocery store being open on a major holiday would have been a major deal, and they just aren’t.  Even after 2 Christmases in Singapore, it still strikes me as so strange that most everything is open, and that some places are open even longer to benefit from the public holiday business.

From Valentine’s Day, a pretty decoration at a local mall, Orchard Central.  I noted it because (a) it’s pretty and (b) “Seasons of Love” is one of the major songs from a favorite musical of mine; Rent.  In fact, “Seasons of Love” was our recessional song at our wedding.

Finally, some cute Year of the Dragon pictures.

The front and back of a “year of the dragon” themed regular coke box (sadly, the cans were not decorated…I’d sort of hoped they would be).

A set of “Year of the Dragon” Mickey Mouse themed Kleenex…Elanor LOVES these.  We generally do buy the Mickey Mouse or Winne the Pooh boxes of Kleenex, but I was amused that these appeared in the stores in time for CNY, and disappeared immediately after.

The large Year of the Dragon statue from Resorts World Sentosa (and the only picture I’ve taken recently from this set).  Hard to convey exactly how large this is from the picture, but the bottom pedestal is much taller than me.  It is a truly impressive large statue…and it rotates!  Ellie spent a good 10 minutes running circles around it when we were there last weekend.  No, I have no idea why other than she’s three and thought it would be tremendous fun.

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  1. bookjunkie says:

    love the rose picture. I only managed to see it at night 🙂 I totally agree…better late than never.

    I often find I have old pictures that are dated but I still want to post them as there was a reason they captivated me and compelled me to snap 🙂

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