Things that have made me laugh recently

The use of “spoil” to indicate this machine is out of order. Pic taken at a store in Great World City Mall.

The Massager/Paperweight.  I didn’t check it out because I’m sure that what I came up in my head was far more entertaining the the reality ever could be.  The pic was taken in an elevator at Mustafa.

Megaholic Rubber Extension Mascara.  There’s very little about this I don’t find entertaining.  Seen driving on the street.

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2 Responses to Things that have made me laugh recently

  1. bookjunkie says:

    heheh yeah we tend to use the word spoilt to describe anything that’s not working. But for milk gone sour we say ‘gone bad’. Sometimes I know I’m speaking broken english but we’re just so used to it. we giggle about it too and then go back to using it. Often used in informal setting with people we know best.

    • Crystal says:

      In the US, the sign would say “out of order”–I think “spoil” is just much more direct. And the visual of the machine as a tub of rancid butter or something, which is what my mind conjured up, gave me a giggle.

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