Wordless Wednesday-Rhi Rolls Over

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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday-Rhi Rolls Over

  1. Dawn says:

    Nicely done, Rhi!!! And congrats, Mama!

    I have to say, I rolled over from front to back super-early, like seven weeks, but we never got it on camera, and then he stopped when he got too big (incidentally, when I finally got around to trying to film it, so I have a bunch of videos of him failing). He now can get about halfway over from back to front, but doesn’t even try to go tummy to back. The doctor said it was more because he didn’t want to than because he couldn’t, but at this rate he’s going to crawl before he rolls over.

    • Crystal says:

      E almost skipped rolling. At one point, the developmental nurse and I were trying everything to just get her to roll. She started somewhere in the 6-7 month range, and then moved on to cruising within a month of that. I hope Rhi stays at just rolling for a while…I’m not ready to level up on mobility yet.

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