Please Explain…parking coupons

Today I would like to ask my readers to help me out.  I have questions, and I know you guys have answers…

I recently was in a position to need to use parking coupons (instead of my card in the IU) for the first time.  I punched out the holes, but I was fairly confused if I was doing it right…

  • Do I punch the time on the 2nd slip to correlate to the time the first coupon expires?
  • Is there a limit to how many coupons I can use? (1 hour, 2 hours?)
  • Are there times in the 24 hour cycle when you don’t need to use them?
  • Where should I be putting them (I left mine on the dash inside the car…is that right)?

As I am a newbie at this, any and all explanations are welcome.




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  1. Answers in order of questions asked:
    See signs

  2. DT says:


    1) you must tear off the ‘chad’ completely from the coupon. The parking attendants (cue 2000 US elections) will ignore those that are folded and proceed to fine you for the ‘offense’.

    2) you may tally up the 50c (purple), $1 (orange) & $2 (blue) coupons to any accumulative time-combo. However, you must use the special $2 (yellow) coupon for overnight parking from 10pm to 7am.

    3) check signs for the correct parking rates. CBD lots (yellow markings) costs double during peak hours. Some may even be free after 10pm, during Sunday/PH, etc

    4) Check out this fun parking app (help your fellow drivers!):

  3. bookjunkie says:

    I still get confused as to whether I can use 2 purple coupons for 1 hour and then proceed to indicate the same starting time on both of them. Now to be safe I don’t do that anymore.

    I wish they would do away from coupons…so confusing, and you need to find a bin to throw away those stubs. And often we run out of coupons.

    the purple ones – half hour
    the orange ones – one hour
    the blue ones – two hours (useful when you don’t want to fill your whole dashboard with coupons and tire yourself tearing out stub after stub – easier to ‘spoilt’ a coupon due to tearing out a wrong stub…it’s quite annoying.

    good luck Crystal 🙂 don’t think I was much help here..probably confused you more since I am confused myself ;-p

    • Crystal says:

      I’ve gotten so used to the auto IU readers that the few times I’ve had to physically put my cash card into a reader I’ve gotten irritated. The coupons are beyond me!

      • bookjunkie says:

        oh yeah….we get irritated with that too….wish they could all be automated. And I like parking garages that only let you in if there’s a space. We don’t like going round and round. I like those green indicators for vacant lots…very helpful.

      • Crystal says:

        I LOVE the green indicators…I think they are one of the coolest things ever.

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