Comparing Pictures

Baby Ravi (my in-laws would need to comment to guesstimate an age)

edited to add–my in-laws say he was between 2-3 months old in this picture

Baby Crystal (age ?  Mom-little help?)

**Edited to add** My mom says I was about 5 months old.

Baby Ellie (5 months old, 2009)

Baby Rhi (5 months)

Ravi and Crystal, ballpark age 3

Ellie age 3

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7 Responses to Comparing Pictures

  1. Kelli says:

    I love this idea…

  2. I wanted to see your baby photo but thought it would be too intrusive to ask. Oh my gosh…you were such a cutie pie. I love your outfit. Ravi was a cutie patootie too.

    I think your girls look like both you and Ravi 🙂 But I think E looks a lil more like Ravi and Rhi looks a lil more like you? Do you get that observation? But it’s hard to tell right now as they are so little still.

    I’m told that I look like my dad a lot. It seems that first born girls tend to look like their dads….just something that occurs in my family and among my friends.

    • Crystal says:


      I think that E was a carbon copy of Ravi until she hit 2, 2 1/2. Her hair color is exactly the same as mine is naturally but the rest is all Ravi. I think Rhi is almost exactly like Ellie, except maybe more my nose, and maybe a bit more fair? Hard to say this early on.

      I’ll have to do this again…today Rhi finally fit into one of my favorite Ellie outfits. I’ll need to do side by sides of them in the same outfit!

  3. Dawn says:

    I thought the point of posing with a newspaper was to show the date so you didn’t have to guess when the photo was taken. Unfortunately, baby Ravi seems to have missed the point when hiding the date part of the newspaper from view. Silly Ravi!

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