Coloring Easter Eggs

The last time we’d dyed Easter Eggs, Elanor ended up fairly covered in dye as well.

Easter 2010 (I was too pregnant and nauseous to deal with egg coloring last year)

This year I was going to try to avoid a green/blue/orange child

We put eggs in the pan, added water and watched them come to a boil

Then Ellie dyed them.  I have to give the kit credit…it was very low-mess.  I had to take the eggs out of the dye using gloves, but otherwise, no one turned pink or purple!

She was so proud of her finished product

Rhiannon supervised from the exersaucer.  Sorry the blur of hair in the lefthand corner…E was swooping in to love on her sister when I took the shot.

But my favorite part was Rhiannon’s excitement when Ellie showed her the eggs (even if she did try to eat them)

Of course the best part was yesterday on Easter…Ellie pointed to her eggs and the following conversation happened.

Ellie–I can’t wait for the eggs to hatch

Me–What are they going to hatch into

Ellie–Bunnies (said in a tone to convey how stupid my question was, because DUH, MOM!)

This is apparently what happens when atheists dye eggs with their children and provide no other context for Easter.

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5 Responses to Coloring Easter Eggs

  1. katrijn says:

    “Bunnies” – of course! It makes perfect sense. We ought to observe our holidays better, ever since coming to Singapore we’ve used them to go on jaunts, but painting eggs would have been so much fun! Ah, well, there’s always next year. And then we’ll hatch bunnies!

  2. Dawn says:

    Of course Easter eggs hatch bunnies. Aren’t they laid by the Easter Bunny? If an animal lays an egg, it generally hatches into the same kind of animal that laid it.

  3. bookjunkie says:

    this was my most favourite video ever 🙂 I love the pink egg especially. All the pastel shades are so pretty. Makes me want to do this craft project too. That’s the fun thing about kids….we have an excuse to do more craft and all the fun things in life. And it’s so joyous when seen through their eyes.

    And do I detect a slight Singaporean accent when Ellie speaks? (I think she might be picking it up in school?)

    Gosh….Baby Rhi is too cute for words. She seems like such a happy easy going baby.

    • Crystal says:

      Rhi is a very easy going baby (until she’s hungry, and then she can scream the house down), and I feel very lucky with that.

      I definitely love that the girls give me a reason to do things like color easter eggs and explore the zoo. Ellie’s take on the world around her is fascinating to me.

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