Tempting Fate

Once upon a time, I tempted fate by writing a post discussing how to fly with babies under a year of age, something I have done many many times.  I then further tempted fate by derisively describing our flight from Singapore to Australia as “only 7 hours long.”  I then REALLY pushed my luck by saying that sitting by the bassinet seat while Ravi, the grandparents and Ellie were several rows back as “practically a vacation–I’ll watch movies and read while the baby sleeps,” because it was a red eye flight.

Anyone want to take a guess how the flight went?

Hell doesn’t begin to describe our flight.  However, I do have a word that describes it–teething.

Rhiannon spent the vast majority of the flight nursing or crying.  I got maybe 30 minutes of tv watching done, read half a people magazine, and mostly tried not to cry myself.  Luckily here were other crying babies–and I felt deeply grateful when they cried, so that we weren’t the only ones.  I did not sleep. At all.

Lesson #1–Bring your Tylenol/Panadol when you know that your baby has been showing signs of teething.

Lesson #2–NEVER be stupid enough to write an article on the internet that claims you know how to fly with babies–the universe will make you pay for that kind of hubris.

Lesson #3–Counting the days until you can have a stiff drink again because you’re still nursing is probably not the best use of time spent while you’re nursing.  Nor does it make a baby stop crying.  It may make you cry, however, when you contemplate just how long six months is.

Lesson #4–Rhiannon hates airline bassinets, and red eye flights are a terrible idea with her.

Lesson #5–Most importantly–THIS TOO, SHALL PASS

The flight sucked.  It was absolutely the worst flight I have ever had with a child of mine (which is saying something as I have over 30 flights –possibly over 50 if you count individual legs). Which is a lesson in and of itself–sometimes you have a bad flight.  Seven hours, which seemed like an absurdly short flight when compared with our normal 36 hour journey from Singapore to Boston, can last a lot longer than you think it does.  However, there’s nothing you can really do about a bad flight beyond enduring it. (And apologizing to everyone around me–luckily lots of moms who said variants on “been there, done that, don’t worry about it–I used headphones.)

The thing about bad flights is that, eventually, they end.

We arrived safely in Australia, and while it was a rough journey here, I think we can all agree that the view from our hotel room was worth it…

I’m really proud of this shot…I did an extended exposure (hence the streaks of light on the highway) and I think if this actually does look as good as I think it might, it may end up on the wall in our home.


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8 Responses to Tempting Fate

  1. Amelia says:

    Oh how awful… nothing worse than being trapped in a situation like that where you know there is NOTHING you can do except wait it out – enjoy your time in Australia! The weather should be deliciously cool but not too cold – I’m jealous!

    • Crystal says:

      It’s been heavenly. Jeans and either no jacket or a light one. I was definitely shocked by the hills though–I guess the Australia of my imagination was much flatter 🙂

  2. when our son was an infant, he, too, hated the airplane bassinet so much i can’t begin to tell you. hope you have a nice vacation and enjoy your trip with the kids.

    • Crystal says:

      I wonder if it has anything to do with them not being able to see us? The fabric on the Singapore Airlines bassinet was not mesh, and as far as she knew she was possibly alone. I can see that being an issue for Rhi. But it was quite the shocker that she hated it. E let me sleep/read/eat almost the entire way to the UK when she was a baby. I assumed Rhi would be the same.

      We’re having a blast.

  3. Katrijn says:

    Oh poor you! And poor Rhi as well, it can’t have been fun for her either. I remember E. not being overly fond of the bassinet, but that was because I had to strap her in and she couldn’t move, which frustrated her. They can be quite particular, those tiny humans.

    And that picture is every bit as good as you think it is, or possibly better. Gosh, you’re a good photographer!

  4. Dawn says:

    Sorry it was so miserable for you. 😦 However, you should know that LLL says it’s safe to drink alcohol while breast feeding, if you don’t overdo it. http://www.llli.org/faq/alcohol.html Next time have that stiff drink!

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