My bank is trying to Punk me

If you’ve never seen Punk’d, the premise of the show is that one celebrity tries to trick another celebrity by taking a situation to a ridiculous extreme.  Take away the celebrities, and you have the situation I found myself in earlier today.

I went to the bank to fill out a GIRO form.  I did this because the last two times I’ve tried to just fill one out and file it, they have told me that my signature doesn’t match the one on file.  Thus I have taken to physically signing my GIRO forms in front of bank representatives to ensure that the forms are accepted.

Today I showed up at the bank with my passport, my IC, and two GIRO forms.

I signed the forms in front of the teller.

The teller then proceeded to tell me that my signature didn’t match the one on file and that she couldn’t accept it.

It was at that moment that my worst customer service experience ever (aka the laptop repair failure of doom) was topped and a whole circle of hell was created.

Seriously people, if my life is being broadcast on the internet as some kind of surreal comedy or test to see how long before a person cracks, please tell me.

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9 Responses to My bank is trying to Punk me

  1. katrijn says:

    Well, you do lead an interesting life, it must be said. Does this mean the show is getting cancelled? No fair – what’s one person’s small frustration when it lightens the lives of millions?

    On a slightly more serious note: Is it possible to redo the signature they have on file? You know, just to cover all the bases? Maybe some computer virus warped it, or there is a same name stranger whose signature they’re using? (These are just the most likely scenarios I could come up with, after cancelling the Truman Show one.)

    • Crystal says:

      The issue is that my signature is fairly scribbly…I don’t think it’s possible to replicate it identically.

      Maybe there’s a secret class they have in Singaporean public schools where you master doing your signature exactly the same every single time? Can someone sign me up for it?

      LOL…I don’t think that I’m done living my life for the amusement of the gods (or the internetz) yet 🙂

  2. Robin says:

    I know what you mean! My husband and I used to cringe at the anal-ness of our bank when we first moved here. And my husband had the exact same thing happen to him with the signature. He finally just told them that he wanted to change his official signature with the banks’ records. That took care of it. But he has to remember to sign his name the exact same way or else…

    • Crystal says:

      I have such a scribbly lazy signature, I don’t think I could possibly replicate it, which in the US I took as a good thing (my signature wouldn’t be easily forged, but it was fairly close enough that you could assume it’s me). The anal bank policies make my head go all ‘splody–that you can only use their atm and you can’t soil another bank’s atm with your dirty dirty nets card (just charge me a fee and let me use the atm, FFS!), the signature thing, and on and on and on. Also, every time I want to log onto my online banking, they send me a special one time pin to extra super verify it’s me.

      Yes, it’s “safer,” I suppose, but I’d like a little less “safety” and a lot more convienence and user friendliness.

  3. Amelia says:

    I had that too! I signed the form to open the account, and then signed another form for my credit card ON THE SAME DAY, INFRONT OF THE SAME PERSON, AT THE EXACT SAME TIME – and she told me they were too different….looked good enough to me!!

    • Crystal says:

      Seriously…sneak me into the secret Singaporean “sign your name the exact same way every time” classes. I know you’re hiding them.

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