Gujarati Princess

My in-laws came back from India with a special treat for Ellie.  I think she looks like a proper gujarati princess…if only I had my wedding bindi kicking around (it’s in the US), then the look would be complete.  I’ll have to get a sticker one or two.  We didn’t get the wrap done quite right, so I didn’t include those photos.  Ellie will be sporting this at a cousin’s wedding this coming November.






And for Rhiannon

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11 Responses to Gujarati Princess

  1. Maria says:

    Beautiful! I wouldn’t mind having that dress in my own closet.

  2. katrijn says:

    I want – for ME. 🙂 She looks adorable, but aren’t you afraid she’ll upstage the bride? 😉

    • Crystal says:


      Now to find something for the wee one…which will be a delicate balancing act of allowing for enough time to have it made, without over/underestimating things like height and whether or not she’ll be walking at a year. (I’d be happy if she weren’t, but I don’t have expectations).

  3. bookjunkie says:

    Awwww beautiful lil princess. I love her spinning around. I used to do that when I was a kid to get the skirt to billow out.

    And Rhi’s anklet is soooo cute.

  4. Quark says:

    So freakin’ adorable!! And ditto to what others said about loving the spinning around photo and wanting the dress for myself 😛

  5. Claire says:

    Beautiful photos. E is just so bloody photogenic 🙂

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