Wordless Wednesday–New Orleans 2007

True story–I was planning to move to New Orleans when I met Ravi.  We began dating in March of 05, and by that summer I wanted to see where this was going, so I decided to hold off on moving for a year (assuming that we would break up).  Ironic Twist of Fate–had I moved to New Orleans, I would have arrived weeks before Katrina (the devastating hurricane).

Ravi eating beignets, one of the most delicious and messy foods with no nutritional value ever at Cafe Du Monde.  They are phenomenal.

Jackson Square at Night

Oak Alley Plantation, which, according to the tour, was the inspiration for Twelve Oaks in the film version of Gone With the Wind

Mardi Gras Float decoration as it was in the process of being painted.  (Mardi Gras World)

Angel seen in a City of the Dead (New Orleans is below sea level, so they can’t just bury their dead-for more on this read here)

Berries against some Spanish Moss, taken on our Swamp Tour (I don’t recall who we used, so no link)

Alligator sunning him/herself on a log in the Bayou (seen on the swamp tour)

I did a previous WW with some pictures from this trip.  Check it out for different photos.

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