Odds and Ends

Sorry I’ve been in absentia since the posting frenzy last Wednesday.  To get back on track, here are some odds and ends that are happening but have not (yet?) merited blog posts.


Most of the latter half of the last week was spent trying to pull together Ravi’s Father’s Day present.  That took all of what I’m told is commonly called “free time.”  For those who are interested…here it is.


Elanor has stopped violin classes for now.  She was struggling to keep up with the group class, and our daily practice sessions were devolving into shouting matches (hint-never get into a debate with a three year old–they will keep going until you’re in a fetal position on the floor).

It is frustrating to know that I am a teacher, but that I’m possibly the worst teacher for Ellie  (and kills any remaining thoughts I’d had about homeschooling her–HELL NO, not going to happen now or ever).  It is also deeply ironic that this was a surprise to me–I have told parents for years that the reason I can say the EXACT SAME THING to their child as they did and get a different result was that I wasn’t their kid’s parent.

However, I have chosen to continue with private violin lessons, which I take once a week while Ellie is in school.  Rhi comes to the lesson with me.  Yes, I’ll share a video of myself playing…sometime in the future.  Currently, Ravi did not recognize London Bridge when I played it, so I’ll just be sitting over here, practicing in my “free time.”


Rhiannon had her 8 month well baby visit today.  Frustratingly she hasn’t really gained weight since her 6 month check up.  For those who have known us a long time, this is a moment of deja vu.  Been there, done that, got the t-shirt with Ellie.  Luckily, Rhiannon is hitting all her developmental milestones, so we’re just going to keep an eye on her, encourage more solids on top of breastfeeding (and no, breastfeeding is not to blame–Ellie went through the exact same thing while on formula) and hope for the best. But considering my 3 1/2 year old only weighs 24 lbs, I’m not holding my breath that my 12lb 8 month old is going to be radically different.


We took Ellie to see “The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark” two weekends ago.  It was enjoyable, but as I sat there, I couldn’t help but fantasize about that (still somewhat) far off day when I can take the girls to actual Broadway plays and musicals instead of children’s theater.  However, beyond enjoying the experience, I know that going to shows will help Ellie (and Rhi, as she gets older) create a love of the theater, and build their ability to focus on a show for a longer period of time.

However, I am thinking of instituting “Musical Mondays” at home.  Come home from school with Ellie and put a musical on the tv.  I certainly have enough to keep us going for months on end without repetition.


We will next be visiting Boston in August.  Dates are forthcoming, but the current plan is that we’ll be there for most of the month.  A dear friend is getting married, so we’ll be staying a bit longer than we have on the past few trips.  I need to firm up a few more doctor’s appointments and then I’ll book tickets and let you know.



My college roommate and good friend Love joined the Peace Corps.  She’s been posted in Mongolia and has started a blog!  We may live on the same continent again, but we are living VERY different experiences in Asia.


My primary phone broke.  I’m getting a solution to the problem via fedex in the next few days, but expect a far smaller internet presence.  I’ll try to catch up on blogs and such when I have the laptop, but the phone I”m using until my actual phone is fixed doesn’t have a lot of the apps and is much slower than my actual phone.

In the category of first world expat problems…I’m pretty sure that I want my next phone to be a PadFone (drool) but although it is currently on sale in Singapore, the model sold here doesn’t have any of the 3G bandwidths used in the US, which means when I’m in the US, I’d have 2G at best, which I can’t live with.  In theory AT&T might be selling them starting some time this fall, but I’m going to have to sit and pine and wait until they do.  My primary phone better hold out until then.  Yes, I live where many of the hottest phones come out before they do in the US, but unless they’re equipped with the right bandwidths (or whatever the correct term is) for US useage, it’s just like Lucy and the Football and I’m Charlie Brown.


When I was creating Ravi’s Father’s Day video, I had to go to my backup harddrive, where my older pictures are stored and I found a ton of photos I’d forgotten I even had.  YAY!

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2 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. Dawn says:

    Looking forward to seeing you when you next visit Boston!

    Sorry to hear about Ellie’s violin hiatus, but glad to hear you’re continuing.

    As for Rhi, I wouldn’t worry about it. F (who breast fed) gained no weight between her 6-month and 9-month checkups, and the doctor said it was normal for babies to “reset” at about that time. She went from 50% to 15% (and now, as of her 3yo checkup, is back up to 25% after a growth spurt – go figure).

    • Crystal says:

      I think that suspending violin in the short term will have a positive effect long term. I’m enjoying my lessons, and hopefully when and if she does pick it back up (or if Rhi picks it up) I’ll feel much more confident about helping them than I did with Ellie.

      We’re looking forward to a playdate!

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