Celebrate an American 4th of July in Singapore

This year’s American Celebration of the 4th of July will happen on June 30th (the Saturday prior) at the Singapore American School.  Details here.


This will be our third 4th of July in Singapore.  Read about our first here, and our second here.  This is the first time they’ve held it at SAS instead of the Terror Club, so I don’t know how/if that will change the experience.


Unfortunately you won’t be able to read about our experience at this event, as it conflicts with Pink Dot 2012.  Pink Dot is far more important to our family, so we will be skipping the  4th of July celebration.


A very small part of me is sad, as the 4th is one of my favorite annual events we’ve done in Singapore.  However, when I think about which event I’d regret missing more, without a doubt it’s Pink Dot.  My daughters can connect to their cultural heritage in a thousand different ways every day of the year, but Pink Dot and a public event supporting the LGBT community in Singapore happens only once a year.  I think it’s more important that we be there.  I hope to see some of you there with us!

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