Pink Dot 2012

Sadly we missed out on Pink Dot 2012, due to family illness.

But you can read about it at the Pink Dot Site It was bigger and better than ever–15000 people came!

My friend Notabilia also attended, and you can read about it at her blog here.


photo stream


Sorry we missed it.  With luck everyone will be healthy next year!


I’d love to hear if anyone else wants to share a blog post about pink dot 2012 or the American 4th of July Celebration at SAS which also happened on June 30

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2 Responses to Pink Dot 2012

  1. notabilia says:

    Thanks for the link, Crystal. It was our first year (we missed it last year due to illness).

    • Crystal says:

      My pleasure! Glad you got to enjoy it! I’m envious because Rhi will have to wait a bit longer before her first Pride event.

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