Wordless Wednesday Gardens By the Bay

“That weird thing they’re building over there” (funny how often I describe local architecture that way initially, end up LOVING it), Gardens By the Bay opened this past weekend.  I visited GBTB today with Claire (who writes the excellent The Dot Diaries) and Rhiannon during Ellie’s pre-school time.

We only wandered a fraction (and skipped the two glass enclosures, as the queue was ridiculous and time was limited), but I was so incredibly impressed.  The majority of the Gardens are free.  The domes are 15 SGD  for residents (although I’m not sure if it’s per dome or for both inclusive–my guess is per dome?), and it was 5 SGD for the walkway at the top of the Supertrees.  Kids under 3 were free regardless.  I’m happy to say it’s incredibly stroller friendly (there is an elevator to the top of the supertree walkway and back down again).  I can’t wait to take Ellie–it’s another gorgeous place to let the kids run around and to get a break from the urban landscape.

To read more about the Gardens By the Bay and to learn just what a “supertree” is, go here (wikipedia page)


A view of Marina Bay Sands from the Chinese Gardens

Claire and Rhi, with SUPERTREES in the background.  We would later walk on the walkway between the supertrees.

Close view of a supertree


View from the walkway between the supertrees.  You can see the tankers and container ships in the distance.

Full set of photos over at the Expat Bostonian Facebook Page.

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