The indignity of a head cold in a tropical climate

This is not my first head cold since we’ve moved to Singapore.

However, as I was attempting to cough up a lung today, it occurred to me that getting the type of cold where all you want to do is climb into a hot shower or a pair of flannel pjs and pull the covers over your head is just plain cruel.  Getting teeth chattering chills when it’s ridiculously hot outside and you’ve turned off the aircon is just absurd.

Is it odd that having this sort of cold makes me homesick, even though it’s just as blazing hot there at the moment?  I remember all the headcolds where I could climb into bed, turn up the heat, and hide under the comforter.  If I want to burrow under a duvet in Singapore, I usually have to turn my aircon up full blast.

Some things about living in a tropic climate are just plain counterintuitive.

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