Wordless Wednesday–A week in cell phone pictures

It’s been more of a “wordless week” than a Wordless Wednesday here at Expat Bostonians.  As our next trip home looms ever closer, I am trying to deal with a world of nonsense that comes with leaving home for almost a month.  Ellie has extra gymnastics classes to make up for the ones she’ll miss (and she’ll have extra ballet in September for make-ups).  I’m organizing Ellie’s annual doctor’s appointments in Boston, which requires late night calls during my usual writing time.  These are the moments when I wish I could clone myself, if only to have someone who could deal my mountain of clean (but not yet put away) laundry.

My DSLR camera has been at the Cannon repair shop for the better part of the last week.  After being dropped in Australia, my auto-focus stopped working.  My saving grace was that I could still manually focus it, leaving the camera useable (if only by me) until I could get over to Cannon.  I was relieved that the damage is only to the lens, which while not cheap, is far cheaper to repair than the body.

So, having said that, enjoy some camera phone pics from the last week.  This can also be filed under “expat life isn’t that glamorous.”

This is part of our daily ritual.  Sometimes multiple times each day.  Ellie likes to trace the letters that spell out “Matrix,” aka our car’s model.  I let her do this because it’s faster and more efficient than the ensuing battle over why can’t she do it, and why am so terrible as to not let her spell it out and OH MY GOD GET IN THE CAR.

Rhiannon eating a french fry at Chili’s.  Another brilliant moment of parenting brought to you by me.

Ellie having a blast at the playground just outside The Little Gym at Marina Square.

Ellie having some chicken rice at her favorite Chicken Rice restaurant (5 Star Hainanese on River Valley Road, if you’re curious and want a recommendation from the 3 year old).  She’s so Singaporean, she doesn’t just speak Singlish, she has a *favorite* chicken rice stall. (*edited to add–Two doors down is the famous Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice Stall…and she hates their chicken rice.  Ravi and I find this all very funny.)

Giving  Rhi some rice because she was complaining about not getting food.  She’s my second kid and I can’t be bothered to find out when you can introduce rice to babies.  She’s survived it several times so it’s fine, right?

We bought Rhi a (second hand) jumperoo…that’s been a big hit.  I had to put a book under her feet because she’s so petite that her legs don’t reach the ground, nor does her weight pull the jumperoo down very much.  Sad but true fact of expat life in Singapore–you pay the US full price for secondhand fisher price/graco/etc stuff here.  On the plus side, I could totally make back the investment I made in all this stuff two children ago by selling it here once we’re done with it, I suppose…unless a friend wants it.

Am I becoming more Singaporean if 3 of the 5 photos involved food?

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  1. Tabea says:

    I’m wondering why she likes 5 Star and not Boon Tong Kee?

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