Just Leap

As promised, here is the poem my friend Stephanie wrote for our wedding.  I feel so blessed to have such a talented poet (and caring heart) numbered amongst our friends.

Just Leap

Blessed are they that bravely greet days

with a hopeful heart & smile,

learning along one’s particular path

until someone joins us for a while.

To live can be a glorious adventure,

but together, ah! There’s the real prize!

You claim it with each kissy-face proudly displayed;

drink it deeply from each other’s eyes.


Blessed are they who are bold in life,

who question the status-quo

or by way of frequent flyer miles

venture far beyond what they know.

Embracing the world by tech or text,

they rise to the challenges ahead.

They go through a blizzard

to meet a friend

and find a treasure instead.


And blessed are we, friends and family

to witness this moment in time

to see these two brave and bold ones united

and pledge to share in love’s eternal rhyme.

Crystal & Ravi, may you continue to remind us all

what joy is found when we tempt our fates!

And if your way grows steep,

Breathe deep and just leap!

Your greatest journey awaits!

©2006, by Stephanie Rogers

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  1. That’s truly lovely! What good friends you both have.

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