Adventures on the Boston Common

On Thursday, our first day in Boston, I took Ellie to see Brave (the new Pixar movie) with Rhi and my friend Kate.  We both really liked it, although there are some scary parts if you have a sensitive little one.  Might be one to preview first unless you’re certain of your child’s tolerance for scary bears (E doesn’t scare easily).

After the movie, Kate headed to work and the girls and I wandered over to Boston Common (locally known as “the Common”).

View of the “new” state house from the Common

Ellie had some Dunkin’ Donuts munchkins, and she sat down near a fountain to eat them.

fountain detail

Ellie eating by the fountain

We seemed to have brought blistering equatorial heat to Boston, as even my little Singaporean child was whinging about how hot it was outside.  So as we wandered the Common in the general direction of a garage entrance (the garage is under the common, so there are several entrances down), we were wilting.

But then we saw…

The frog pond

We immediately headed in that direction, stopping only to acquire a balloon flower.

Then off Ellie went into the water.  While she was in there, I made the following video.

She finally emerged, and we headed home.

This was a classic Boston summer afternoon with a kid.  I loved sharing it with Ellie.

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