Kate’s Bachelorette Party

This was a vacation with a purpose.  Kate was a maid of honor at my wedding–there was no way I was missing her wedding.  She got first approval on Ravi–he wanted to be there.  She is Ellie’s adored Auntie Kate-she wanted to be there.  And Rhi?  Well, Rhi loves her too, although she loves her considerably more now that Kate has introduced her to CAKE.

But first things first.  Kate’s Bachelorette Party (or hen party, as some might call it) had to happen.

For Kate, we rented the “microcinema” at The Somerville Movie Theater.  We watched “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “The Princess Bride,” talked, laughed, and ate yummy food.  All in all, a wonderful afternoon.

Somerville movie theater.  It’s a great independent movie theater.  They show second run movies (movies that have been out for a while that you might have missed during their first run), have fun events (we did a midnight showing of The Princess Bride where everyone laughed and recited parts along), and even do live theater (we’re big fans of the annual Burlesque interpretation of The Nutcracker–“Slutcracker” which shows annually around Christmas).  It’s a wonderful movie house.  There’s even a balcony in the biggest theater.

One of my favorite decorative elements of the theater is the owl motif throughout.  This little guy is in the lobby, hanging out in a fireplace.  They’re also randomly scattered throughout the theaters.  It’s just one of those unique touches that make it such a funky little theater.

The bachelorette, wearing a silly crown I’d picked up to fit our “movie” motif.

Fun snacks and decorations (photo by Courtney)

Delicious Candy I picked up in Singapore.  (Made in Candy–locations include United Square and the Takashimaya Food Hall)

Why have regular cupcakes when you can have “Kickass Cupcakes?” (Davis Square, Somerville Massachusetts)

View of the selection of cupcakes at the party (as well as the temp tattoos Kickass Cupcakes gave us!).  Photo by Courtney

J, S, Kate and myself posing in front of the title to “The Princess Bride.”  Photo by Courtney.

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  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding AND The Princess Bride in the same day sounds awesome.

  2. Naomi says:

    How awesome is that theater???

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