Kate and Craig’s Wedding

As I said in the last post, this trip was timed specifically for Kate’s wedding.  Photos by me unless otherwise credited.
Kate and Craig got married in Gloucester, which is about an hour north of Boston, on the coast of Massachusetts.  On the day of the wedding, we got there about 90 minutes before the guests to help get things ready (specifically to get Ellie and myself ready and to do anything Kate or anyone else needed that I could help with).

Ellie the ring bear-ess as we were getting ready.  This is currently my favorite picture of her.

Kate and Craig were married by her sister S, who was temporarily ordained for the day.  I don’t know about Singapore but in the US, you can apply for and get a license from your state fairly easily to be ordained as a justice of the peace for a day in order to officiate at a wedding.  They’re standing under a chuppa, which symbolizes the home that they’ll build together, which is a lovely Jewish tradition.

Kate with Ellie the Ring bear-ess and C, her new daughter/the flower girl.

The wedding cake.  Gluten free chocolate on the top, Strawberry Grand Marnier on the bottom.  Both were delicious.

Kate’s cousin Andrei gave a very moving toast.

Me with Rhiannon and C, a friend of Kate’s with whom I have stood in in line waiting for the midnight release of a Harry Potter book.  Photo by C’s husband, A.

Kate is Rhiannon’s new favorite person.  She introduced Rhi to CAKE.  CAKE is awesome.  CAKE is the best food ever.  If you try to take her CAKE, Rhi will have to hurt you.  Nothing personal.

Although it didn’t rain during the ceremony, there was some light drizzle off and on through the reception.  But this led to a wonderful moment–when one of the kids spotted a rainbow.  Immediately, everyone grabbed their cameras and we found Kate and Craig and ordered them to pose.  I had to retouch the photo in post-production to get the rainbow to show well–I had to saturate the colors and lift the highlights to get this.  The color is a bit off, but I’m still really proud of it.

Everyone had a wonderful time.  Rhiannon had such a good time that she zonked out in Ravi’s arms by the end of the day.

Ellie adores her Auntie Kate.  But wedding?  Wedding Shmedding.  From her perspective the day was about wearing a gorgeous dress and following C around like a puppy.  C is a very mature 6 to Ellie’s 3, and thus is ripe for heroine worship.  The wedding location also had a lot of open space where the kids could play.  E doesn’t get a ton of unstructured play time with other kids, especially not in an outdoor setting like this.  It was absolute heaven for her.  I have no idea if the dress was saveable–it’s still at the dry-cleaners!

The sun setting on a gorgeous day.

A full set of my photos can be found here on my flickr page.

This post was scheduled and written in advance.

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  1. The photo of zonked out Rhi is just too cute. And Ellie makes the loveliest ringer bearer.

    Oh wow the scenery there is just beautiful. You live in such a gorgeous place.

    • Crystal says:


      It’s funny because I think the same of Singapore! I guess we take what’s normal to us for granted (although I’ve always thought the view from there was gorgeous). I kept meaning to take pictures of things in Boston that people in SG might think were pretty, but I kept saying “Nah, it’s just an X” and then not doing it.

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