Wordless Wednesday–Little Crystal

Back when I wrote the “When I was 6” post, I promised to get some photos from that era when I next went back to Boston, where my older albums are, which I did.

Today is also my mom’s birthday, so I thought she might enjoy this walk down memory lane.

Happy Birthday, Mom!  We love you!

In this photo, I’m sporting my grandmother’s glasses, and reading a book.  My grandmother is trying to hide from the camera because she hated having her picture taken.  I’ve always felt sad that she disliked it because it means I have so few images by which to remember her.

First Grade official school photo (definitely six in this one).  My front teeth look giant because they were my only adult teeth. I still sometimes think they are freakishly big, even when surrounded by other adult teeth.

I think I might be five in this picture.  I know it’s an Easter picture, and I’m guessing that was my new Cabbage Patch Kid?

You would think this is a Halloween Costume (and it might have started out that way) but I wore it a lot.  Like A LOT A LOT because I loved it.  I played cowgirl in it, and I even had toy six shooter pistols (something I would never buy my own girls, which makes me a hypocrite because I loved those things, and I did not grow up to be a gun enthusiast or any such thing).

Pre-school graduation.  So that would make me in the ballpark of Elanor’s current age (4ish)

Age 3 with some stuffed animals.  I’m including this one because I can see some of Ellie in this picture of me. (Or rather, because of this picture, I can see some of myself in Ellie)

Around age 6.  This was taken at Benson’s Wild Animal Kingdom in York Maine.  I’ve been back as an adult and they literally have the same ride, with the same boats (or they look so old and beat up that I assumed they were the exact same boats).  Incidentally, if you ever have the chance to go–skip it.

I’m standing next to a tank.  Because I grew up next to Army base and you end up with lots of photos of you beside/on tanks, and other assorted military stuff.  I want to say 4/5 years old.

As the caption says–Easter of 1979.  I was 5 months old.  Just because.

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2 Responses to Wordless Wednesday–Little Crystal

  1. You were such a beautiful baby and child Crystal. Thanks so much for sharing your childhood memories. Loved the one of you wearing your grandma’s glasses and I too can relate about the people we want more pictures of. Wish I had more of my dad. Hardly have any of his parents which is quite sad.

    Your old photo albums looked so lovingly made, with labels too. I quite miss taking photos, developing them and arranging them in albums. With my digital shots I hardly have any printed out. Which is kinda scary. Were the albums your mum’s work?

    I hope your mum is having a wonderful birthday 🙂 This was such a sweet post.

    • Crystal says:

      Thank you!

      I think my mom was responsible for most of those albums. Sadly they’re starting to fall apart (after 30ish years, of course they are!) so I need to make an effort to do something with them to preserve them or digitize and reprint them.

      I have almost no digital shots printed out either. When I do, though, I just end up with a ton of photos just sitting around taking up space. What I need to be better about is backing stuff up in multiple formats so that if one were compromised, the others would still be there. I had a hard drive fail a few years ago and I had to pay a truly absurd amount of money to get my photos back.

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