Canobie Lake Park

One of the things I did during our last week in Boston was to take the girls to Canobie Lake Park with my friend Aimee and her son, and my friend Kate and her daughter.  I’ve posted a few still here, but the video below does the best job of showcasing our day.  You can also see a complete set of photos here.

When I was a kid, we didn’t go to Canobie Lake Park because there was a similar amusement park only a few towns over.  Sadly Whalom Park closed in 2000, so unless the efforts to re-open it are successful, I won’t be able to take the girls.
My first trip to Canobie was in High School for a chorus/band end of year celebration.  I remember thinking it was really cool (and different–I’d been going to Whalom for as long as I could remember and was a bit burnt out on it).  I next went as a teacher.  One of the schools I taught at took the 6th graders there as an end of year field trip.  Because it’s in the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire, it’s totally safe to let the kids run around.  You just have them check in with you a few times, and everyone has a nice day.

Canobie is a far more family/kid friendly amusement park than the juggernaut that is Six Flags New England (which is far more teen/adult focused), and it’s a great day trip from Boston (about an hour’s drive).


Ellie’s favorite ride, the kiddie coaster.  (the kids are on the inside, Kate and Aime are pictured)

Unintentionally hilarious that they got those seat numbers.

A really great day at Canobie

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