Wordless Wednesday-Children’s Day Party

So Ellie doesn’t have school on Friday because of a holiday called “Children’s Day,” which is apparently celebrated most places that aren’t the US.  Today (Wednesday) her class had a party, and they said the kids could dress “outrageously”–so I assumed it was sort of kind of like Halloween?  Hence she went to school dressed like this

Most everyone showed up in fancy dress clothes, but luckily Ellie/Ariel joined a Snow White and a Spiderman as interpreting outrageous clothing as a costume.  Not that Ellie cared one way or the other–I think she’d dress like this daily if I’d let her.
As E attends a Kindergarten (Nursery is part of K, more or less–at least for the purposes of this holiday), she has Friday off from school.  Somehow I didn’t have this on my calendar, so it was a bit of a surprise when I got this week’s schedule last Friday.

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