Once upon a time, October was MY birthday month. Me me me me me.  My grandmother’s birthday was Halloween, and I thought that it was cool that we all celebrated her birthday with a truly vomit-worthy volume of candy.  She also wasn’t that into celebrating her birthday, and exerted a lot of the effort to make October about me.

Back in the good old days, before sharing….


Then when I met Ravi, I was torn between excitement and shock that we shared a birthday month.  Our birthdays are 12 days apart.  However, we were able to still celebrate both independently and still have our special days.

That detente lasted three years.

Then Elanor hijacked my 30th birthday. 

I had a regular doctor’s appointment scheduled in the early afternoon, leaving plenty of time to go home, take a shower, rest and meet our friends at Finale for molten chocolate cake and other assorted dessert-y goodness.  I had a headache and felt a bit off, but figured I just hadn’t slept well the night before (at 37 weeks, no one sleeps all that well).  Then they took my blood pressure and after a pregnancy of low blood pressure, it had shot up into the range associated with preeclampsia.  Before I fully knew what was happening, I was in labor and delivery triage hooked up to a bunch of monitors, and getting denied food and water.
“Saddle up mentally-you could be having this baby today,” the doctor on duty told me right before he dashed out of my corner of the room.

“But it’s my birthday—” I remember saying to Ravi.  As if that changed anything.

We sent out texts (and possibly updated facebook) saying I wasn’t feeling well and that the party was cancelled.

About eight hours later, it was decided that while I might be developing preeclampsia, the baby did not need to be delivered that day.  Hours past my party, starving, reeling from the emotional roller coaster of the day, Ravi offered to take me anywhere I wanted for food.  I requested Panda Express (I KNOW–it’s so not real chinese food–I KNOW) and then JP Licks.  My dear friend Curt lived about a block away from JP Licks and joined us.

Nine days later, Elanor was born.  It’s a good thing she’s so cute.

Ohai-no1 carez about ur bday anymore-kthnxbai

My birthday was getting a bit crowded.  Suddenly every weekend for three weeks straight was a birthday.  It seemed a bit silly to have people come to our house for multiple birthday events.  Ravi was somewhat amused, but felt comfortable that his birthday was safe as the lead-in event for the birthday season.

Guess what happened next.  I got pregnant with a due date of mid-November.  Stuff started to point to preeclampsia, and suddenly we were talking about what day of the week I was giving birth, as I was not going to be allowed to go un-checked over the weekend.  It came down to the day of or the day after Ravi’s birthday.

Ellie messed with Mommy’s Birthday, so I’ll mess with Daddy’s

My birthday present to Ravi last year was not giving birth until 24 hours later.

ohai Daddy-Mommy sayz Ize ur burthday present

With the birth of Rhiannon, we suddenly have a 22 day filled birthday-palooza (PLUS Halloween!).  Friday kicks us off with Ravi’s birthday.  Saturday we’ll celebrate Rhiannon’s with a small party.  Two weeks later we’ll be in Hong Kong for Ellie’s (and my, to an extent) birthday. Three weeks later, Ravi and I will escort Elanor to see Fantastic Mr Fox while Rhi stays with our sitter, giving Ellie some special Mommy and Daddy time.

Because I freely admit I choose to be this crazy–I have hung 4 separate birthday banners, and will bake 4 different cakes (technically 5 as Rhi gets a cake of her very own to smash/eat/wear).  I apologize in advance for all the birthday centric posting–I’ll try to squeeze some other stuff in there, too.

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6 Responses to Birthday-palooza

  1. Dawn says:

    Can’t Rhi just have a slice of the same birthday cake you’re making for her birthday for everyone else? That’s what I did with both my kids for their first birthdays, and because there was a concern about allergies for my daughter’s first birthday, I made a dairy and egg-free chocolate cake, which she enjoyed and other people thought was surprisingly good. For my son’s birthday party this weekend, we just got a sheet cake from the grocery store (I know, so lazy of me) and gave him the first piece, which he demolished, and then wanted more. He was waving his paper plate in the air hoping someone would get the message…

    • Of course she COULD, but if you remember from our parties, I’m just not capable of doing that. I love birthdays and want them to be special, and I genuinely enjoy the baking (if not the clean up).

      Thus far Rhi has been very enthusiastic about cake, so I’m expecting things to get very messy with the smash cake.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I stumbled across it a few months ago and feel like I am reading a lot of my own stories. We are from Virginia (although my mom is from Boston!) and have been in Singapore for just over a year. Had to laugh reading this, because we are planning a trip to Hong Kong in a few weeks for my daughter’s birthday as well!

  3. Aww I can so relate. Sometimes you just want some undivided attention and everyone being nice to you on just 1 day in the whole year. I get it 🙂 hugs.

    Coincidentally I just blogged about birthday blues too. My birthday and my dad’s…very close together and during this same Halloween period too 😉

    I truly hope you have some me time on your birthday and enjoy it to the max…hugs!!! Perhaps a spa treat. You’re lovely and you deserve it.

    Oh don’t apologize for the birthday posts…I love them 🙂

    • Glad you’re enjoying them!

      To be honest, I wouldn’t go to Disney for MY birthday, but I’m so excited to go there the weekend between my birthday and Ellie’s and I know that I am just going to have so much fun watching Ellie meet the princesses and all that. And I’ll treat myself to something nice-it’s been a while since I got a pedicure or had a girl’s night out.

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