Wordless Wednesday–Changi Beach Park

In the spirit of doing new stuff/going to new places in Singapore, we spent some time on Friday (Children’s Day, which E had off from school) at Changi Beach Park.  Ellie wanted to ride her scooter, so instead of going to East Coast Park like we normally do, we went to Changi.

The park is directly across the street from a landing runway (is there a special term?), so planes go over your head every few minutes.  At first, Ellie would stop what she was doing, point up to the sky and shout “MOMMY, I’VE NEVER SEEN A PLANE THAT BIG BEFORE!!!!” and then five minutes later, the same thing.  Eventually that got old, and she decided to ride her scooter and play on the playground.  Worth noting–they’re redoing all the bbq pits and such, so it’s not the most attractive park at the moment, but the playground we found was awesome–first swingset I’ve seen in Singapore.
Sadly my camera battery died fairly soon after we arrived, so I don’t have as many pics as I’d like.

A quick explanation of this one–E was scooting toward me and arrived before I hit the button to take the photo–but we both thought it was a pretty funny photo.

About an hour after we arrived, the storm that had been threatening really began to heat up, and we got to watch the clouds blowing in and the lightening begin to strike.  I shot the following on my phone, so sorry for the poor quality.  Stick with it and you’ll get to see an airplane go over, lightening flashing, and Ellie at the playground.  Poor Rhiannon was there, but was in the stroller, so there isn’t much in the way of proof that she was there.

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  1. yeah this is definitely my fave beach in Singapore 🙂

    • I hope I remember both a memory card with space and a fully charged battery next time!

      Is the land that I can see across the water more of Singapore, or is that Malaysia? I never know!

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